Monday, April 19, 2010

allergic rhinitis

..makes me keep on sneezing all day, since yesterday.

And I got a bit paranoid since I've read that "Back injuries are one of the most common "side effects" of sneezing and coughing. A vigorous coughing or sneezing attack can leave you with upper or lower back pain (or spasms) because of their forceful nature, not only on your entire torso but also on your abdomen. This pressure is so intense that it can actually herniate a weakened spinal disc."

Also, I read on Men's Health yesterday (coincidence, or what?) that sexual fantasies make you sneeze. They think this is caused by some connection in the autonomic nervous system, the subconscious area of the brain which controls the heart rate and the dilation of our pupils.

This made me laugh, though. Since there was no way I am thinking sexual thoughts, I was so focused on the food I was eating.

And since we're on the topic (of sex and sneezing, I mean), I also heard from The Doctors that sex can actually decrease the incidence of flu. And now I was thinking, does that include the Swine Flu? If so, then maybe the pandemic could be avoided, right? Or not. Whatever.


Manju said...

Lollll you blogged about the sex/sneezing thing hahahah that is so funny xD

Belle ♥ said...

Yeah.. coz I found it funny. Hahaha and years from now, when I re-read my blog, I'll laugh again. LOL

Nikolett said...

LOL love your random thoughts and that last paragraph especially haha. I tend to sneeze three times in a row ... my back is dying! Sucks about your allergies, hope they don't do anything bad to your back!

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