Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ending november with a purpose

I've been unemployed way too long, and no matter how much I loved liked being a bum (although it gets boring at times), I feel like it's time to end my really long vacation and finally start looking for work and doing something productive with my life.

After graduation, I gifted myself with a well-deserved it's-about-time-I-do-this vacation. It was something mega grand, because we (my cousin, nephews, and co-workers of my cousin who eventually became my friends, too) went on a road trip. We took the plane from Manila to Iloilo, from there it was Iloilo-Bacolod-Dumaguete. Then we went to Kuya Robert's hometown in Antique, a few hours' ride from Iloilo. We also visited Boracay for the nth time. It was freakin' awesome. Dumaguete has never been in my to-go list, but it was an awesome place, a place I'd like to visit again sometime in the future.

After my almost-two-months vacation (most of it was spent in Manila), I came back home to start reviewing for the Nursing Licensure Exam. It was torture, it's like being back in school, but it was much more fun, because there was no sectioning separating me from my closest friends. Plus we know most of the things they teach us, it was only a matter of remembering. My friends and I were always together, all 6 of us. We sit together, eat together, and here's the best part: we ditch review together. Ahh.. Those were the days. We'd leave, go watch a movie, or play games at Tom's World. Such fun times. Then the board exam drew nearer, and even laughter and bonding moments with friends didn't ease mounting pressure of the upcoming exams. And the big day finally arrived. God, it was such a relief when it was finally over. I was so happy, I felt free.

So free that Jojo, Cha and I went to Davao, along with Cha's parents. Cha and I went to take the NMAT (National Medical Admissions Test), but with plans to explore and see the city, too. It was such a nice place, clean and safe. We enjoyed our stay so much that we planned to return some other time.

Finally, 2010 came. And days went by, with me not thinking about the exam I took that much (I planned to study Medicine then, but my plans went poof). Anyway, with my Medicine plans on hold, it began to sink it that I need to care about the board results since it'll be my fallback job it I don't push through my plans. So the anxiety started again, but thank God I was among the 39,000+ who were blessed. I was so glad I passed, I was jumping up and down when I broke the news to my Mom and Dad.

You'd think that after passing the board and getting my license, I'd start looking for a job or starting as a volunteer at a hospital, but no. I stayed a bum. I even accompanied my Mom to Manila, and while she attended a convention, I was out with friends. It was when I first met my Sigaw Sisters Krissy and Ate Cess.

Then April, I went on our annual vacation, it was glorious Palawan this time. Sun, sea, sand - it couldn't be more perfect for a beach and nature lover like me.

After that vacation, I finally started doing something that would benefit me, and most definitely my future. I took an Intravenous Therapy Training, and then a Critical Care Course at Philippine Heart Center. For 2 months, I was busy. It's like I'm a student again, and it kept my days occupied, and I was glad for it.

I was bummed when it ended. I was glad to be back home, but it started to fade days after I came back, because I have nothing to fill my days. If it's possible to die of boredom, I'd be dead by now.

So I made a promise to myself to end it all now. This December I'll work really hard to find something - be it a full-time or part-time job. I'll even settle for volunteering for a while, as long as I get to do something nursing-related. I planned on studying Culinary for a while, but the tuition is more than I'm willing to let my parents pay. They already gave so much, it's time to do something and try giving back, little by little.

God is with me. Hopefully, His plans for me included a job in the near future. ♥

Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1

Synopsis (may contain spoilers): The film opens as Hermione and Harry simultaneously prepare to begin searching for and destroying Voldemort's Horcruxes. Meanwhile, Severus Snape arrives at Malfoy Manor and tells Voldemort when the Order will move Harry from Privet Drive. Voldemort borrows Lucius Malfoy's wand to avoid doing battle with twin wands and murders Charity Burbage, Professor of Muggle Studies at Hogwarts.

The Order arrives to meet Harry, and six others, which include Ron, Hermione, Fred and George Weasley, Fleur Delacour, and Mundungus Fletcher, to take Polyjuice Potion to become Harry's doppelgängers. Harry and the six copies leave Privet Drive paired with a protector, with the real Harry riding with Hagrid on his flying motorcycle. They are intercepted almost immediately by Death Eaters, and the pairs scatter. Voldemort appears, but Harry's wand defeats Voldemort's borrowed one and they arrive safely at the Burrow. All but Mad-Eye Moody, who was killed in the skirmish by Voldemort, and Mundungus, who disapparated when he saw Voldemort, arrive after, but George has a bad head wound from a curse Snape conjured. Ron convinces Harry to remain at the Burrow until after Bill and Fleur's wedding, before leaving to find and destroy the Horcruxes.

Minister of Magic Rufus Scrimgeour arrives at the Burrow and distributes the items from Dumbledore's last will and testament to Ron (the Deluminator), Hermione (personal copy of "The Tales of Beetle the Bard"), and Harry (the first Snitch Harry caught and the missing Sword of Gryffindor). During the wedding, Harry sees Xenophilius Lovegood and notices a strange symbol on his necklace. Harry talks to Elphias Dodge, one of Dumbledore's old friends, and Ron's Aunt Muriel, a gossiper, and learns that the Dumbledore family once lived in Harry's hometown, Godric's Hollow. A Patronus message sent by Kingsley Shacklebolt appears and warns that the Ministry has fallen, Scrimgeour is dead, and that "they are coming". Death Eaters appear, and Harry, Ron and Hermione disapparate to London.

Taking refuge in a cafe, they discuss their immediate plans, but before they can leave two Death Eaters arrive. The trio win the duel and escape to Grimmauld Place, where they discover that Regulus Arcturus Black, Sirius' younger brother, is the R.A.B. from the false locket found at the end of Half-Blood Prince. Kreacher reveals that the real locket was in the house, but Mundungus took it when he looted Grimmauld Place. Harry sends Kreacher to retrieve Mundungus, who explains that Umbridge extorted it from him in return for not revoking his peddler's license. They plan to break into the Ministry, now under the eye of Death Eaters, to recover it.

They capture and impersonate three Ministry members and enter, but are quickly split up: Hermione to the courtrooms with Umbridge to witness a false trial, Ron to the Head of Magical Law Enforcement's (Death Eater Yaxley's) office to deal with a lingering rainstorm charm, and Harry is left free to wander since he serendipitously copied the Death Eater Runcorn. Harry finds Umbridge's office, but not the locket, and makes his way down to courtroom, joined by Ron. They and Hermione stun Umbridge and take back the locket, and attempt to leave the Ministry. However, their Polyjuice Potion wears off, and during the battle to Floo away, Yaxley catches hold of them as they appear at Grimmauld Place.

Since they can no longer safely hide there with Yaxley now a Secret-Keeper, Hermione apparates them away to a forest. Ron gets splinched in the process, preventing the group from leaving their location until he recovers. They attempt to destroy the locket, but it proves indestructible to their magic, so they are forced to take turns wearing it despite its negative effect on their morale. While wearing it, Harry sees a vision of Voldemort interrogating and killing Gregorovitch the wand-maker, and going off in search of a mysterious teenage wizard that Gregorovitch said robbed his shop many years ago.

As they apparate around the countryside to camp in secluded places, Ron becomes increasingly suspicious that Harry and Hermione are becoming more than friends. While wearing the locket, he overhears Hermione discover that, if they can find the Sword of Gryffindor they can use it to destroy the Horcruxes. This realization that they must find yet another thing they don't know the location of, coupled with his increasing suspicion and resentment, drives him to leave the group and return home. Harry and Hermione are forced to teleport away, leaving Ron no way to return even if he wished to. Hermione takes his exit very badly, so Harry dances with her to a song on the radio to cheer her up--but the romantic situation is too much for Hermione, and she reverts to her sad mood.

Harry decides to visit Godric's Hollow, both to return there for the first time since Voldemort attacked him and to try and meet Bathilda Bagshot, a magical historian who "knew the Dumbledores better than anyone". They find the church graveyard, and Hermione discovers that a man named Ignotus Peverell's tombstone features the same symbol on Lovegood's necklace and in Dumbledore's book. Harry discovers his parent's gravestone, and an old woman approaches them while they pay their respects. Harry guesses that the woman is Bagshot, and they follow her to her home. Harry sees a picture of the teen from Gregorovitch's memory, and Bagshot takes him to the attic while Hermione wanders downstairs. She finds signs of a bloody attack, and realizes that the real Bagshot must be dead; the woman with Harry decomposes before his eyes into Voldemort's snake Nagini, and after a fight Harry and Hermione escape with the only casualty being Harry's wand. Hermione says that the teen from Gregorovitch's memory is Gellert Grindelwald.

In the forest where they spend the night, Harry sees a patronus doe while keeping watch, and follows it to a frozen pond. He discovers the Sword of Gryffindor at the bottom, but as he swims to reach it the locket goes berserk and attempts to drown him. Ron appears and saves him, grabbing the sword, and Harry convinces Ron to try and destroy the Horcrux. When Harry opens the locket using parseltongue, a monstrous black cloud erupts and shows Ron terrible visions--spiders, a ghostly Harry telling Ron that Mrs. Weasley wanted him for a son, and a ghostly Hermione mocking him and asking why she would choose Ron over The Chosen One, and the two forms begin kissing. Ron angrily attacks the locket with the sword, destroying the Horcrux, and the two return to the tent. Hermione is furious with Ron for leaving and returning like nothing happened, but the trio decide to visit Mr. Lovegood to find out about the symbol.

At the Lovegood house, Mr. Lovegood teaches them about the Deathly Hallows--an invincible Elder Wand, a Resurrecting Stone, and an Invisibility Cloak--and tells them the story of the three Peverell Brothers, who possessed the items. When the group attempts to leave, Mr. Lovegood reveals that the Death Eaters have taken Luna, and he must keep them there until they arrive to see his daughter again. They escape in the ensuing attack, but disapparate back to a former campground, where a group of Snatchers are waiting to capture them and take them to the Ministry. Hermione uses a Stinging Hex to disfigure Harry's face, but when the Snatchers see Harry's scar through the swelling they instead take the group to Malfoy Manor to collect a reward that was set for Harry.

Since the Malfoys and Bellatrix cannot be sure that the disfigured person is Harry, despite the fact that he is travelling with Ron and Hermione, they refrain from summoning Voldemort until the swelling dies down. However, Bellatrix sees the Sword of Gryffindor, which she believes resides in her vault at Gringott's Bank. She imprisons Harry and Ron in the cellar, where they find Luna, Ollivander, and a goblin; Bellatrix tortures Hermione to try to find out how they stole the sword. Wormtail takes the goblin upstairs to be interrogated, and Harry summons Dobby, who frees Luna and Ollivander before breaking Harry and Ron out. They go to rescue Hermione and the goblin, but despite winning the duels with Dobby's help, Bellatrix throws a knife that stabs and kills Dobby as they disapparate. Harry gives Dobby a proper burial on the beach where they appear.

The movie ends with Voldemort opening Dumbledore's tomb and taking the Elder Wand.

Rating: 5/5

Comments: Definitely worth waking up early for to watch the first showing on opening day, and more! Best ever HP for me, way better than expected. I'm so glad they didn't cram everything into one movie.

They made some changes, but it didn't do anything to change any vital details, so all is well. There were some details omitted, though, and I didn't like it, but hey, I'm not the director. But I still wished they followed the dialogues from the book. Jojo and I kept quoting lines straight from the book (yes, we are that much fanatics), line we thought (and hoped) they'd say.

I got a bit teary eyed when Hedwig and Dobby (sob, sob) died. It's not like I wasn't expecting it, but damn, I loved those two characters. And Dobby looked so cute in the movie, it's sad that's it'll be the last time I'm seeing him.

Bellatrix, however, was so freakin awesome! She's really my favorite Death Eater - both in the book and the movie - with Snape coming close in second. Her roles doesn't give her much screening time, but hell, it's always memorable. It'll suck to see her get killed off in the last movie.

My favorite part would be when Harry was coaxing Hermione to dance.. Not much of a scene, but very memorable because during that time I was trying to drink water, and ended up laughing when I saw Harry. Water shot up through my nose, and the front of my blouse was dripping wet. LOL

Anyway, for those who haven't watch the movie yet, I suggest you do. Soon. =)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

the big day

It's been a tradition for me and my fellow Dementeds (plus a few other people we've included as part of the group by default) to watch Harry Potter movies on it's first day of showing together. It started during the fifth movie, so this'll be the third time we're doing this.

We're all die-hard HP fans (hence the name Demented Eaters, taken from the Death Eaters, because we are a bit demented, and we all like to eat), and watching HP movies is 10x more the fun with them. I remember the time we watched OotP, it was like we owned the moviehouse, we kept cheering on the characters (especially Neville) during the scene at the Ministry. It was helluva fun.

And now.. It's time for another one! The second to the last one. I'll be sad when the last installment of the HP series is shown next year, the same way I got sad when the last HP book was released. Looking forward to more HP has always been a part of me, and it'll still be, for the last time next year. Then I'll just re-read the books, and watch the movies all over again.

I can't believe it's been 13 years since the first book was released, and 10 years since the first movie was shown. It's also been 3 years since the last book (sob, sob) was out, and I hope J.K. Rowling have more Harry Potter stories up her sleeve. I, for one, am not ready to say goodbye to Harry and the gang forever.

Too bad Bellatrix died, though. She remains to be my favorite Death Eater. ^^

The long wait is over..

This is it! ^^

Can't wait to see the Death Eaters!
(Yes, I've crossed over to the Dark Side)

My Favorite Death Eater, Bellatrix ^^

Voldy leads the pack =P

Saturday, November 13, 2010

idiotic quotes, part one

I already posted this on my FB, I just felt like posting it here. I'm fond of remembering whatever funny, stupid, crazy, (or all of the above) quotes that my friends blurt out without them meaning to. Sometimes I just overhear stuff, and I kinda collect them, too. People should be careful what they say around me. LOL

Ma'am C: "Women are like flat iron. You have to slowly make them hot."

Ma'am D: "Sthoap sthuds."

Ma'am M (sa ward, in front of the patient, the SO & all): "Patyun ta ka!!!"

Me: "Bahala na mahulog, basta busog."

Anj: "Snvrshwevrshversnvrsshwevrsnor."

Ate Agnes: "Bahala na mahulog basta mahamot."

Gaia: "We're rich!"

Janz: "Me like *toot*. Me wanna text him, but me texted you instead. So me like you too!"

Moi (asking about something censored): "Is it really that good?"
Janz: "Yeah boy!"

Janz: "Did you know that life has a cord? It's called the umbilical cord!"

Anj (to Janz and Me): "Why don't you just become lesbians together?"

Gaia: "You know how selfish we rich people are."

Cha: "Kay anooooo? Litik diri?" (in a high-pitched, gayish voice)

Janz: "..they're like two creams in a pod!"

Janz: "I don't want to marry a guy obstetrician, because what if they get tired looking at *censored*? I don't want him to get tired looking at it!"

Anj: "I look puerto rican? (amazed face). I look puerto rican! (proud face)."

Me: "How to grow big boobs?"
Janz: "You rub them with tissue paper."

Me: "I'm a growing girl. I need coins!"

Keng: "Debt of my intestines!" (Translation: "Utang na loob!")

Jojo: "Wheelbarrow! Wheelbarrow!" (with action)

Jojo: "Let's do frottage and effleurage at the same time!"

Ishan: "I love Valium! Hweeh! I love the power! Spell it with me! V-A-L-I-U-M!"

Ruel: "Fayalite means fight, fight, fight!"

Jihan: "Kita na mga Chinese.."

Jojo: "How would you introduce yourself to someone you've seen half-naked in pictures?"
Me: "Hi! I'm (insert name here). I saw you half-naked. Can I see the other half?"

Ma’am Nicole: “Diri pa na-activate it iya neurons asya diri pa hiya naka-interpret hit mga stimulus (i.e. janelle).”

Janz: “Yummy man your sapit!” (pertaining to *toot*)

Paul: "Smile and the world is round."

Jojo: "He doesn't eat pork eh. I'm pork!"

Keng: Mag-asawa ngan ak, gusto ko tak asawa bayot.
Me: Huh? Kay?
Keng: Coz I'll make him a man.

Me: How do you picture yourself 10 years from now?
Kenj: Me, I'm on the top of a billboard.. About to jump.

Cha (talking about ****): "Once matilawan niya hi Cha, magiging lalaki hiya."

Brian: "Are you drugs?"

May: "Haggardness is next to ugliness."

Me: (singing Just Stand Up. Very out of tune.)
Anj: Bel, what did you eat today?
Me: I don't know. I pooped them all out.

Janz: "People who have boobs, have power."

Anj: A child a day is another laceration.

Janz: The best things in life come as copy/paste.

Me: What's up with you guys dancing in your underwear?
My nephew: It's a genetic disorder.

Janz (to me): You can do driving! Just remember: do not hit people and cars have feelings to!

Krizzy: Sometimes I love you. Sometimes I hate you. Sometimes I nosebleed.

Anj: My big is not hole. No, wait. My hole is not big.
Janz: Do not say that in public.

Janz: *Sighs* If I only had a brain.. Oh, wait! I meant books!

Janz: Anu pa daw an katikangan han "Sana Maulit Muli"?
Bel (singing): Sana maulit muli..

Friday, November 12, 2010

recently read - june to october 2010

Because I love to read.

Instead of individual books reviews on books that really caught my attention, I decided to just list all the books I've read. I'll do monthly booklists after this. It's to keep track of what I've read, and just because I like making lists. And yeah, I know it's a lot, but I swear I read them all.

Ever since me and my friends Jelai and Jen discovered mobile eBooks, we've been downloading and reading and recommending books to each other. It's a pleasure to read, bjut it's even better when you have friends who share the same love. ♥

Of course, nothing beats the feeling of holding a real book and flipping the pages with your fingers, but I'm currently low on budget (note to self: seek employment) so I'm sticking to eBooks for a while. Not reading is not never an option.

Elizabeth Boyle
How I Met My Countess (Bachelor Chronicles 6)
Mad A bout the Duke (Bachelor Chronicles 7)

Susan Mallery
Delicious (The Buchanans, Book 1)Irresistible (The Buchanans, Book 2)
Sizzling (The Buchanans, Book 3)
Tempting (The Buchanans, Book 4)
Sweet Talk (Keyes Sisters 1)
Sweet Spot (Keyes Sisters 2)
Sweet Trouble (Keyes Sisters 3)
Under Her Skin (Lone Star Sisters 1)
Lip Service (Lone Star Sisters 2)
Straight from the Hip (Lone Star Sisters 3)
Hot on Her Heels (Lone Star Sisters 4)

Rick Riordan
The Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus 1)
The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles 1)

Janice Maynard
By Appointment Only
Hot Mail
Mating Game

Carly Phillips
The Bachelor (The Chandler Brothers, Book 1)
The Playboy (The Chandler Brothers, Book 2)
The Heartbreaker (The Chandler Brothers, Book 3)
Cross My Heart (Ty and Hunter, Book 1)
Sealed with a Kiss (Ty and Hunter, Book 2)

Erin McCarthy
Flat-Out Sexy (Fast Track 1)
Hard and Fast (Fast Track 2)

Kristan Higgins
Just One Of The Guys

Sarah Mason
Playing James

Kate Brian

Courtney Summers
Some Girls Are
Cracked Up to Be

Janet Evanovich

One for the Money (Stephanie Plum 1)
Two for the Dough (Stephanie Plum 2)
Three to Get Deadly (Stephanie Plum 3)
Four to Score (Stephanie Plum 4)
High Five (Stephanie Plum 5)
Hot Six (Stephanie Plum 6)
Seven Up (Stephanie Plum 7)
Hard Eight (Stephanie Plum 8)
Visions of Sugar Plums
Full House (Max Holt 1)

Jill Mansell
Falling For You
An Offer You Can't Refuse

Jenna Bayley-Burke
Compromising Positions

Lurlene McDaniel

Janette Rallison
Just One Wish

Sarah Dessen
This Lullaby
Just Listen

Amanda Howells
The Summer of Skinny Dipping

Lynsay Sands

Born to Bite (Argeneau 13)

Nicholas Sparks
Safe Haven

Julia Quinn
Further Observations Of Lady Whistledown

Rachel Gibson
Sex, Lies and Online Dating (Sex, Lies and Online Dating 1)
I'm In No Mood For Love (Sex, Lies and Online Dating 2)
Tangled Up In You (Sex, Lies and Online Dating 3)
Simply Irresistible (Chinooks Hockey Team 1)
See Jane Score (Chinooks Hockey Team 2)
The Trouble With Valentine's Day (Chinooks Hockey Team 3)
Nothing But Trouble (Chinooks Hockey Team 5)

Emily Giffin
Baby Proof
Something Borrowed
Something Blue

Lauren Oliver
Before I Fall

Michael Palmer
The Patient
The Fifth Vial

Elizabeth Lowell
The Secret Sister

Tess Gerritsen

Keeping The Dead

Dani Sinclair
Somebody's Baby

Julia London
Material Girl (Lear Family 1)
Beauty Queen (Lear Family 2)
Miss Fortune (Lear Family 3)
The Hazards of Hunting a Duke (Desperate Debutantes 1)
The Perils of Pursuing a Prince (Desperate Debutantes 2)
The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount (Desperate Debutantes 3)

Jennifer Crusie

Strange Bedpersons
Bet Me

J.D. Robb
Creation in Death (In Death 30)

Anne Gracie

The Perfect Rake (Merridew Sisters 1)
The Perfect Waltz (Merridew Sisters 2)
The Perfect Stranger (Merridew Sisters 3)
The Perfect Kiss (Merridew Sisters 4)
The Stolen Princess (Devil Riders 1)
His Captive Lady (Devil Riders 2)
To Catch a Bride (Devil Riders 3)

Jodi Picoult
Change of Heart
Nineteen Minutes
House Rules

Nora Roberts
Savour The Moment (Bride Quartet 3)

Annette Blair
The Kitchen Witch (Accidental Witch 1)
My Favorite Witch (Accidental Witch 2)

Tamara Lejeune

The Heiress in Her Bed

Mary Balogh
First Comes Marriage

Hell yeah. XD

Monday, November 8, 2010

maid of honor

My cousin just asked me to be her Maid of Honor on her wedding this coming February. What does a Maid of Honor do? I was content on being one of her bridesmaids.. What changed?

But whatever. That aside, I'm so excited for her. I wish her nothing but happiness. And lotsa babies (one who is gonna appear sometime next year). ^^

the soundtrack of my life


So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc).
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button.
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool.

opening credits:
= Cannon in D Hiphop - I was hoping for something more dramatic.. Like maybe the theme of The Phantom of the Opera. LOL

waking up:
= The Art of Letting Go (Mikaila) - Letting go of what? My pillows?

first day of school:
= Party in the USA(Miley Cyrus) - I doubt it. The first day of school has never been a party.

falling in love:
= Lead Me Lord (Gary V.) - Lead me to the one who'll love me forever? LOL

fight song:
= Delete You (Ashley Tisdale) - Coz we're fighting, I'ma delete you from my life. Harsh much?

breaking up:
= Beat It (Michael Jackson) - More like Beat Him. Hahaha

= I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (David Cook) - Of course.

life's just ok:
= Lost In Love (Air Supply) - I can't connect it.

mental breakdown:
= Something Beautiful (Needtobreathe) - Is a mental breakdown something beautiful?

= I'm Gonna Live Forever (Fame OST) - No need to drive safely!

= Seasons of Love (Rent OST) - 525,600 minutes.. =P

getting back together:
= Baby/Never Let You Go Mash-Up (Ahmir & J. Rice) - Could be. =)

birth of child:
= Telephone (Lady Gaga Ft. Beyonce) - WTH?

= Gotta Go My Own Way (Hish School Musical 2 OST) - How can this be?

finale battle:
= Total Eclipse of the Heart (Glee Cast) - LOL

death scene:
= Cry (Rihanna) - I wouldn't be crying.. Coz I'd be dead.

funeral song:
= Like A Prayer (Glee Cast) - Praying for my soul?

end credits:
= She Doesn't Get It (The Format) - Huh?

= Ever Ever After (Carrie Underwood) - My fairy tale ends with me eating.

= Think Of Me (The Phantom of the Opera OST) - Think of me while I'm showering? Eeew.

= Evacuate The Dance Floor (Cascada Ft. Carlprit) - Hahahaha

car chase:
= Thriller (Michael Jackson) - Booyah!!!

while having sex:
= Take Me Out Of The Dark (Gary V.) - Ayaw sa madilim. Hahaha

emo scene:
= If I Were A Boy (Beyonce) - Oh yeah.

= Glory of Love (Chicago) - Yeah, this song will definitely make me sleep.

= Where Are You Now (Honor Society) - Hmmmmm.

during class:
= Dirty Picture (Taio Cruz Ft. Ke$ha) - I think this is inappropriate. LOL

while fixing up:
= When You're Good To Mama (Chicago OST) - Mama's gonna fix you. Hahaha

= Love Game (Lady GaGa) - What?

song for hugs:
= I Swear (Boyz II Men) - I don't get it. Hahaha

song for kisses:
= What It Feels Like For A Girl (Glee Cast) - LOL Is it different for a boy? =D


Synopsis (may contain spoilers): As two alien worlds were sucked into a black hole, each one sent out an alien infant to Earth. One lands in a wealthy mansion; he would be cheered and loved, and would grow up to the superhero Metro Man. The other lands in a prison; misunderstood and maltreated despite his best efforts, he is classed as a villain and would go on to become the criminal Megamind.

All is as usual in Metro City: the town felicitates is hero Metro Man with the inauguration of a museum dedicated to him, when it is interrupted by the appearance of Megamind, who announces that he has (once again) kidnapped Metro Mans girlfriend, the reporter Roxanne Ritchi, and dares Metro Man to rescue her. Metro Man sets off to rescue Roxanne, but when all seems to be going well, Metro Man collapses in an observatory lined with copper. He states that copper is his only weakness to an incredulous Megamind, who fires a laser that incinerates Metro Man, leaving only his outfit behind. Megamind has fulfilled the supervillains dream: he has vanquished the superhero, and Metro City is now his to take over!

Megamind revels in the joy of victory and domination over Metro City, but as time passes he gets bored and depressed, and realizes that his life as a supervillain has become pointless and meaningless without having a superhero to fight. He pays his respects at the Metro Man Museum, disguised as Bernard the museum curator; there he meets Roxanne, and the two develop an attraction to each other. This causes issues with Megaminds henchman Minion, who wants to be the perfect villains henchman and cant let romance ruin Megaminds villainy.

Megamind decides to create a superhero to fight, and extracts Metro Mans DNA from his cape to create a super-serum. This serum is ingested by Hal Stewart, Roxannes hapless cameraman, and grants him superpowers. Megamind works on anonymously making Hal into Metro Mans successor Titan, while at the same time he cultivates a romance with Roxanne in his disguise as Bernard. Megamind gets into an argument with Minion over the romance, which ends in Minion quitting because he thinks Megamind doesnt need him anymore; and at a romantic dinner with Roxanne, the Bernard disguise is exposed, causing Roxanne to outright reject him as a villain.

Heartbroken and friendless, Megamind does what supervillains do: take out their frustrations in a rampage on the city and a battle with a superhero. But Megaminds riot goes on without appearance from Titan, and eventually Megamind has to head to Hals apartment to pick him up. There, he discovers that Titan has decided to shirk heroics in favour of being a villain, which is less work and more fun. Titan offers a partnership with Megamind, who refuses and reveals his part in Titans creation. A furious fight follows between Megamind and an enraged Titan, who proves unstoppable; even when Megamind uses a copper capsule, Titan breaks out. Metro Man barely survives, and Titan proclaims himself Metro Citys new supervillain.

Wondering how Titan, who has Metro Mans DNA, could be invulnerable to copper when the original Metro Man said he wasnt, Megamind theorizes that Metro Man might still be alive, and drags a reluctant Roxanne into his quest to find Metro Man. The hunch proves correct; Metro Man is alive and well in his secret base. The bad news Metro Man has retired and refuses to return to heroics. He explains that, similar to Megamind, he was classed into his role as a superhero and had gotten sick and tired of it; he thus faked his death so that he could be what he always wanted to be, a musician. Metro Man, backed up by Roxanne, ask that Megamind become the new hero, but he refuses, saying hes condemned to be a supervillain for life and that he is beyond redemption.

Megamind sends himself to prison, and there he sees a TV broadcast from Titan, who has captured Roxanne and tied her to the top of a skyscraper. Roxanne begs Megamind to be the hero Metro City needs; this, coupled with Minions return to stand by his friend, inspires Megamind to escape prison and rescue Roxanne. A fierce battle follows, where Megamind finally manages to strip Titan of his powers, turning him back into Hal.

The film ends with Hal in Megaminds prison cell, while Megamind himself is felicitated as Metro Citys new hero, with his own museum, approval from a disguised Metro Man and love from Roxanne Ritchi.

Rating: 4/5

Comments: It's worth a watch, if you have kids, or a grown-up who's a child at heart and enjoys watching cartoons despite your age. Good humor is scattered all throughout the whole movie. Jokes are original and they have lines that can guarantee to get a laugh out of you. All in all, it was a very entertaining movie. ^^


Megamind: All men must choose between two paths. Good is the path of honour, friends and family. Evil... well, it's just cooler. Hit it!

Megamind: You've been blessed with unfathomable powers.
Hal: What kind of power?
Megamind: Unfathomable. It's like, uh, without fathom..

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