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Synopsis (may contain spoilers): As two alien worlds were sucked into a black hole, each one sent out an alien infant to Earth. One lands in a wealthy mansion; he would be cheered and loved, and would grow up to the superhero Metro Man. The other lands in a prison; misunderstood and maltreated despite his best efforts, he is classed as a villain and would go on to become the criminal Megamind.

All is as usual in Metro City: the town felicitates is hero Metro Man with the inauguration of a museum dedicated to him, when it is interrupted by the appearance of Megamind, who announces that he has (once again) kidnapped Metro Mans girlfriend, the reporter Roxanne Ritchi, and dares Metro Man to rescue her. Metro Man sets off to rescue Roxanne, but when all seems to be going well, Metro Man collapses in an observatory lined with copper. He states that copper is his only weakness to an incredulous Megamind, who fires a laser that incinerates Metro Man, leaving only his outfit behind. Megamind has fulfilled the supervillains dream: he has vanquished the superhero, and Metro City is now his to take over!

Megamind revels in the joy of victory and domination over Metro City, but as time passes he gets bored and depressed, and realizes that his life as a supervillain has become pointless and meaningless without having a superhero to fight. He pays his respects at the Metro Man Museum, disguised as Bernard the museum curator; there he meets Roxanne, and the two develop an attraction to each other. This causes issues with Megaminds henchman Minion, who wants to be the perfect villains henchman and cant let romance ruin Megaminds villainy.

Megamind decides to create a superhero to fight, and extracts Metro Mans DNA from his cape to create a super-serum. This serum is ingested by Hal Stewart, Roxannes hapless cameraman, and grants him superpowers. Megamind works on anonymously making Hal into Metro Mans successor Titan, while at the same time he cultivates a romance with Roxanne in his disguise as Bernard. Megamind gets into an argument with Minion over the romance, which ends in Minion quitting because he thinks Megamind doesnt need him anymore; and at a romantic dinner with Roxanne, the Bernard disguise is exposed, causing Roxanne to outright reject him as a villain.

Heartbroken and friendless, Megamind does what supervillains do: take out their frustrations in a rampage on the city and a battle with a superhero. But Megaminds riot goes on without appearance from Titan, and eventually Megamind has to head to Hals apartment to pick him up. There, he discovers that Titan has decided to shirk heroics in favour of being a villain, which is less work and more fun. Titan offers a partnership with Megamind, who refuses and reveals his part in Titans creation. A furious fight follows between Megamind and an enraged Titan, who proves unstoppable; even when Megamind uses a copper capsule, Titan breaks out. Metro Man barely survives, and Titan proclaims himself Metro Citys new supervillain.

Wondering how Titan, who has Metro Mans DNA, could be invulnerable to copper when the original Metro Man said he wasnt, Megamind theorizes that Metro Man might still be alive, and drags a reluctant Roxanne into his quest to find Metro Man. The hunch proves correct; Metro Man is alive and well in his secret base. The bad news Metro Man has retired and refuses to return to heroics. He explains that, similar to Megamind, he was classed into his role as a superhero and had gotten sick and tired of it; he thus faked his death so that he could be what he always wanted to be, a musician. Metro Man, backed up by Roxanne, ask that Megamind become the new hero, but he refuses, saying hes condemned to be a supervillain for life and that he is beyond redemption.

Megamind sends himself to prison, and there he sees a TV broadcast from Titan, who has captured Roxanne and tied her to the top of a skyscraper. Roxanne begs Megamind to be the hero Metro City needs; this, coupled with Minions return to stand by his friend, inspires Megamind to escape prison and rescue Roxanne. A fierce battle follows, where Megamind finally manages to strip Titan of his powers, turning him back into Hal.

The film ends with Hal in Megaminds prison cell, while Megamind himself is felicitated as Metro Citys new hero, with his own museum, approval from a disguised Metro Man and love from Roxanne Ritchi.

Rating: 4/5

Comments: It's worth a watch, if you have kids, or a grown-up who's a child at heart and enjoys watching cartoons despite your age. Good humor is scattered all throughout the whole movie. Jokes are original and they have lines that can guarantee to get a laugh out of you. All in all, it was a very entertaining movie. ^^


Megamind: All men must choose between two paths. Good is the path of honour, friends and family. Evil... well, it's just cooler. Hit it!

Megamind: You've been blessed with unfathomable powers.
Hal: What kind of power?
Megamind: Unfathomable. It's like, uh, without fathom..

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