Saturday, September 29, 2012

last friday night

Yeah, we didn't dance on table tops (there was very minimal dancing, though not on tables), we didn't take too many shots (just buckets of SanMig Lights & T.Ice), nobody kissed, nobody maxed their cards (coz we paid cash), and we didn't get kicked out of bars (but we kept the staff waiting for us to leave), no streaking, no skipping in the dark, certainly no menage-a-trois, and we most definitely didn't break the law.

But it was epic, nonetheless.

Last night was our high school Alma mater's Alumni Homecoming Night. It was hosted by Batch '62. Every year me and my classmates (whoever's here in Tacloban and is free) attend the homecoming. It's fun, we get a mini-reunion, we get to see our friends from other batches, and the clincher, free food. Who turns down free food? 

There were only 10 of us from our batch who attended, but though a bit few in number, we had tons of fun. We traded high school memories over dinner, while we were being serenaded by Keith Martin, Eva Poon, Pilita Corrales, and Kyla.

We couldn't care less about Keith, Eva, and Pilita (though the older generations seem to enjoy her), but when KYLA sang.. Oh, my God. She's even better live. My friend Shyn and I were totally acting like superfans (which we are, fans, that is.) I'm not that super fanatic, I mean, I don't own all her albums or know all her songs, but I can and do appreciate her music. She's one of my favorite local singers (and that's saying a lot coz I only like two Filipino singers - Kyla and Jed Madela).

It was funny, coz when she came down the stage during her performance, we both rushed to the front, with me grabbing my cousin Son's hand so he could be our photographer. We weren't able to get a picture with her performing, but that didn't stop us, though. After their last performance, and a pictorial session with the Batch '62, we rushed to the stage when we saw her coming down. And she was soooooo nice and accommodating, not to mention really, really pretty.

After, we went to Leyte Park but it was packed with people everywhere (mostly our schoolmates, who all intended to party the night away) so we ended up in SubZero instead. It was an awesome time full of laughter, stories, singing, drinking, & eating. Around 2AM, we felt that we've had enough drinking for the night so we all went to Calle Z for some late night early morning snack. We had bulalo to counteract all those drinking, and traded some more fun high school memories.

We all went home around 4AM, where I promptly fell asleep when I reached my bed. Now my story would have a happier ending if I got to sleep the day away, but my Dad woke me up around past 7 or so. He handed me his cellphone saying he couldn't send any texts, and asking me to figure out what was wrong. When I handed him back his phone 5 minutes later, I had every intention of going back to sleep, but he shattered my dream when he asked me to go to our store.

So here I am, playing cashier whilst typing furiously on my laptop. And I'm feeling kinda hungover, not from the alcohol since I never, and I mean NEVER, get hangovers (not once, even the time I got seriously wasted with my cousins). Yey me! But now I'm feeling it, because of being sleep-deprived. It sucks.

Not sucky enough to keep me from feeling elated about our night, though. It was all good fun. =)

Keith Martin doing his thing.


 Forgive the grainy pic, I had to zoom in from the back of the gymnasium.

 Keith and Kyla did a duet of Because of You. ♥

 The night's performers.

I don't know what happened, it became grainy. This was a good close-up pic of Kyla.
She's so pretty. And nice, too. =)

The invitation and souvenirs.

Monday, September 17, 2012

on babies and books

So I went to my OB this afternoon for a follow up check up. Almost two years ago, I've been having abdominal pains and after I had an ultrasound done I found out I had a cyst. Nothing serious, but it gave me quite a scare. It freaked me out. And me being a teeny bit hypochondriac, I had these visions of not being able to get pregnant, or having my ovaries removed.

I dislike hospitals (ironic, since I'm a registered nurse), and I hate seeing a doctor. The only doctor I see regularly is my EENT, since I frequently get ear infections, sinusitis, and throat infections. But now, I also see my OB quite often.

I first went to her last April, complaining of abdominal pain similar to the ones I've had before I found out about the cyst, chills and severe dysmenorrhea during my period. I was afraid the cysts were back, so I went for a check up. She gave me a thorough check up, had lab tests done, prescribed me meds, and put me on the Pill. And I've felt better since then. Usually I don't go back for follow ups, but I need to go see her because she needs to monitor for cystic growths while I'm on the Pill, and that's fine with me.

I take my OB visits seriously, because if there's one thing I want most in my life, it's to be a mother. Not right now, though. Maybe someday.

It's one of the few things we talked about this afternoon. She asked me if I'm thinking about getting pregnant anytime soon and I responded with a resounding no. Maybe in a couple of years or so, when I've fully reached grown-up status, I'll be ready think about it. I think I'm still stuck in my teenage years. I certainly don't feel like a 20 23 year-old, and if I haven't finished growing up yet, how can I be responsible for another person?

Anyway, after I left the clinic, I walked around for a while. And I ended up at one of my happy places: Book Sale. I'm a frequent visitor, though I don't always buy a book when I'm there. But when I do buy, I usually buy a lot. Once I dropped in to kill some time and I ended up buying 11 books. The salespeople know me already, and are always helpful when I need help looking for something, or when I didn't bring any money and I need them to hide it so I can get it when I return another day. *grin*

I just bought 9 eBooks online last Saturday, and I already read 5 of them. And today, I bought 4 more books from Book Sale. I paid only 267.00 pesos for all 4. They're so cheap, how can I resist?

Logging out now, so I can get started on those books! =)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

recently read - august 2012

  • A Visit From Sir Nicholas
  • When We Meet Again
  • Let It Be Love
  • The Heiress
  • The Husband Hunt
  • Shooting Stars
  • Epic Fail
  • Sing Me To Sleep
  • Second Kiss
  • Below The Surface
  • Cold Pursuit
  • Friday Night Cocktails
  • Heartsick
  • The Lady Is A Vamp
  • I Got You, Babe
  • Wild At Heart
  • Call Me Wild
  • Last To Die
  • The Demigod Diaries
  • The Throne Of Fire
  • The Serpent's Shadow

Saturday, September 1, 2012

september first

BER Months are here! I love the Christmas season, it's my favorite time of the year. Gifts, food, family, friends.. What's not to love?

And, yes, I get to play Christmas songs again. Mind you, I play them year round - be it March or August or December, if I fancy listening to them, I just switch to my Christmas playlist on my iPod and listen to it.

Hopefully we're off with a good start. Bad vibes (and really strong earthquakes) are left behind with August. Let's all be merry and have a jolly awesome Christmas! <3

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