Monday, September 17, 2012

on babies and books

So I went to my OB this afternoon for a follow up check up. Almost two years ago, I've been having abdominal pains and after I had an ultrasound done I found out I had a cyst. Nothing serious, but it gave me quite a scare. It freaked me out. And me being a teeny bit hypochondriac, I had these visions of not being able to get pregnant, or having my ovaries removed.

I dislike hospitals (ironic, since I'm a registered nurse), and I hate seeing a doctor. The only doctor I see regularly is my EENT, since I frequently get ear infections, sinusitis, and throat infections. But now, I also see my OB quite often.

I first went to her last April, complaining of abdominal pain similar to the ones I've had before I found out about the cyst, chills and severe dysmenorrhea during my period. I was afraid the cysts were back, so I went for a check up. She gave me a thorough check up, had lab tests done, prescribed me meds, and put me on the Pill. And I've felt better since then. Usually I don't go back for follow ups, but I need to go see her because she needs to monitor for cystic growths while I'm on the Pill, and that's fine with me.

I take my OB visits seriously, because if there's one thing I want most in my life, it's to be a mother. Not right now, though. Maybe someday.

It's one of the few things we talked about this afternoon. She asked me if I'm thinking about getting pregnant anytime soon and I responded with a resounding no. Maybe in a couple of years or so, when I've fully reached grown-up status, I'll be ready think about it. I think I'm still stuck in my teenage years. I certainly don't feel like a 20 23 year-old, and if I haven't finished growing up yet, how can I be responsible for another person?

Anyway, after I left the clinic, I walked around for a while. And I ended up at one of my happy places: Book Sale. I'm a frequent visitor, though I don't always buy a book when I'm there. But when I do buy, I usually buy a lot. Once I dropped in to kill some time and I ended up buying 11 books. The salespeople know me already, and are always helpful when I need help looking for something, or when I didn't bring any money and I need them to hide it so I can get it when I return another day. *grin*

I just bought 9 eBooks online last Saturday, and I already read 5 of them. And today, I bought 4 more books from Book Sale. I paid only 267.00 pesos for all 4. They're so cheap, how can I resist?

Logging out now, so I can get started on those books! =)

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