Tuesday, December 13, 2011

not just older, but also wiser

So I turned 19 20, OK, fine, I turned 23 last December 7. It's the first time celebrated my birthday away from home, away from my family. Not that I celebrated in any way, coz I stayed home alone after class, had to study for an exam (which I aced, BTW) the following day.

My Dad was here for the weekend, though, which was cool. He attended a convention, and we got to hang on his free time. Had dinner with him along with his friends, and their kids, and the awesome thing was I got to bring my friends, too. Great. We had free dinner.

I also got myself a new lappy, because Athena was passed on to Dad. He was supposed to buy one for himself, but I asked him if he'd buy a small notebook for me instead and he'd use mine. He agreed so now Athena is with Dad, and I got myself a HP Pavilion DM1 Notebook. Of course, I still think my Acer was better and faster, but it was also bigger and heavier, which makes me don't want to lug around. So HP (I'm still thinking of a name for it) is also good. Lighter, smaller, easier to carry.

Oh, and the DM1 is equipped with Beats Audio, which I so love! I don't need speakers anymore, coz the built-in speakers are loud!

Meet my new lappy, He-Who-Shall-Be-Named. Soon. =)

This is how it looks like, but I got mine in black.

Oh, and I'd like to end this post to birthday shoutouts to my Mom and my Dad. Mom had hers last December 9, and my Dad celebrated his yesterday. I'm so bummed I wasn't there for the party, but I definitely sent my love to them both! I miss you guys. ♥

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