Saturday, June 16, 2012

it's been a while

I can't believe I haven't posted anything for the month of May. It''s a sign of how busy I've been these past months.

We've been busy making our aquatic-themed cake for our CEFBEX (Cebu Foods and Beverages Exposition) entry. It was tedious work - from kneading fondants to making detailed gumpaste fishes and corals - but we did it. And we're proud to say that o

ur school bagged the gold, for the 7th consecutive year. Aside from the cake decorating competition, our school also got gold for the pasta making live, market basket competition, and another one I forgot (sorry, hihi), plus a silver for the culinary apprentice. Not bad, not bad at all.

It was a great experience. My teammates and I bonded over the long hours, especially during the last few days when we camped at one of the classrooms at the 4th floor. It was tiring, but all our efforts weren't in vain, obviously.

Our cake standing tall and proud amidst our gold medals and certificates.

Aside from our classes, we are also accepting orders (cakes, short orders, buffets) as part of our diploma program. Our school only offers certificate for pastry, but we've been pushing for a diploma, and being a commissary team is part of it, along with a management course. We also conduct workshops on basically everything - cupcake making, cake decorating, etc. Just the basics, for those who are interested but is unwilling to take on the whole 10-month program.

Busy, busy.

However, it's not all work and no play for me, though. Uh-uh.

The boyfriend visited for a few days a couple weeks ago, and we had a blast. We did the usual - went shopping (I did the buying, though), got a massage (I was feeling so stressed so I dragged him into it), ate out, stayed in and cuddled (when it rained so hard).

We also went and toured Bohol for a day. We visited my Mom's BFF, Ate Memie, and she gave us a tour along the island. We went on the Loboc River Cruise, saw the Chocolate Hills, visited the tarsiers, went in the Hinagdanan Cave, and bought small trinkets as souvenirs.

It was certainly a jam-packed day. We came back to Cebu late that night (the boat got delayed for an hour and a half, bugger) tired but happy, albeit a bit grumpy. He went home early the following day.

I miss him. God.

Anyway, I'm graduating this June 22 (yey!) but the doesn't mean my classes are over. Our school has it's commencement exercises once yearly, so those who are about to finish all graduate, so as to not wait for the following year. My classes will end sometime around September.

Only my Mom is attending my graduation (sucks), because my Dad has to stay and watch over our business. I don't mind, though, for I'll be going home at the end of the month, so I'll get to see him then.

Oh, and a shoutout to my Daddy. Advance Happy Father's Day! I love you. <3

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