Tuesday, October 9, 2012

on sinusitis, burns, and hateful costings

Cramming, cramming, cramming. When will I ever learn?

Chef Nick told us about our costing project since day 1 of our class.. But did I do it? Noooooo. I had to wait til our class is almost over. Our deadline was last week, and I'm not even close to being done. (I'll submit this when I go back to Cebu next week, maybe. Not this week, no matter how late I am, coz I'm going to Manila. Phantom, baby! But that's a story for another day.)

I was supposed to go back to Cebu last Friday (minus my project, obviously) but I got sick so I postponed my trip. I had a sinus attack - a triple whammy of allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, and sore throat. I'm all better now, thanks to a handful of meds I'm maintaining for a whole month (ugh!), except for the occasional runny nose.

I hate being sick, but this time it gave me a reason why I was unable to submit my portfolio on time - I wasn't able to go back to Cebu because *drum roll please* I was sick! 

But anyway, it's not as if I'm the one doing my costing. My BF Lex did most all of the hard work. Not that it's hard work for him. For him, Math is like chickenshit. I'm more of a Literature person.

I encoded everything, leaving the tables for the APC, EPC, and cost blank. He inputted everything on Excel, made up formulas, and voila! It's like magic to me.

He was here earlier, and he was teaching me how to use Microsoft Excel (yes, I'm proud ashamed to say I graduated college without ever learning how to use Excel), how the formulas work, etc., etc., but all I could here was "blah blah blah *white noise* blah blah blah".

In the end, he gave up and finished the work himself.

I didn't do anything much, but now my head really hurts, I'm hyperventilating a bit, and I feel like throwing up. Wow. Math must have a bad effect on me. 

Oh, and to make my day worse, I got 2 burns on my left arm. The result of catching an empty baking pan instead of just letting it fall to the floor. Talk about wrong reflexes.

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