Sunday, September 5, 2010

an awesome august

This year's August was a great month for me - we finished our case pres with no major hitches, we all graduated our Crit Care after 2 months of didactics and clinical exposure, I finished my IV therapy cases and submitted it to ANSAP in just two days.. But what made August 2010 unforgettable was when I got to meet my awesome Sigaw Sisters in person, finally.

I met Krissy and Ate Cess last March, but this would be my first time I'm meeting Kaiye and Grace. Just like when I first met Krissy, I was a bit nervous before. I know we've been cyber friends for a really long time (almost 5 years, I think), and although we've shared correspondences over the world wide web and feel like we've known each other for centuries, I was still a little nervous on how we'd connect in person. But about 5 seconds into meeting them, all trace of nervousness were gone, and we're all chatting like we've known each other forever.

I waited for Krissy at National Bookstore (it's like our default meeting place), and we both waited for Grace. Then we walked around SM and did some window shopping. We ate lunch at Bigoli, and chatted while we waited for Kaiye. After, we walked across to Trinoma, and did more than window shopping. We shopped, for real. And finally, yogurt at White Hat - so yummy! After that, we walked around Trinoma and took pictures, then we got to meet Krissy's friends at Timezone, where Krissy did her version of Britney's Sometimes and Kaiye did a rendition of M2M's Don't Say You Love Me. Brings back memories of our teen years earlier years. We're all nineteen. LOL

It made me sad when we all had to part ways and say goodbye, but I'll forever cherish the memories I've shared with them the whole day. And I thank God for whatever willed me to sign-up to Sigaw's forum years ago, for it was there where I met the most awesome people there is, and who became good great friends. Too bad that when they stopped publishing the magazine, they had to delete the website too. But I'll be forever grateful to Seventeen, for without it and Sigaw, I wouldn't have met Krissy, Kaiye and Grace. =)

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// krissy ♥ said...

Aww oo nga no, thank you Seventeen Philippines :)

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