Wednesday, August 25, 2010

major major hostage fiasco

I'm sure everyone has heard of the hostage taking drama that took place last August 23 at Quirino Grandstand. Almost every news channel gave a blow-by-blow account of what transpired - the arrest of the hostage taker's brother, the driver escaping and saying everyone is dead, the assault team trying to take over the bus and failing miserably, bodies being carried out from the bus.

This is one of the time that I'm almost (keyword: almost) ashamed to be a Filipino. Granted, things like this had happened or could happen in other contries, I know, but when it happens in your own country, you go into a state of denial and say, "This can't be happening here." Or you think, "I thought this only happens in movies." And don't get me started on the media. Gawd.

Because of the disaster, Hongkong issued a travel ban to the Philippines. And according to my friend, California is closing its doors on Filipino nurses. Which country would be next?

Not so WOW Philippines now, ain't it?

But I believe we Filipinos will get through this, for Filipinos are a resilient bunch. Hell, we survived Ondoy, didn't we? And we have Venus Raj's victory from the Miss Universe 2010. She may not have won the crown, and she might have won it if only she didn't blew her chance during the Q&A portion, but you gotta admit, being in the top 5 is a great achievment itself. Congratulations to Miss Mexico.

The Philippines have a lot to offer - picturesque places, sparkling white sand beaches, authentic Filipino cuisine, lush greeneries, and more. I hope people look beyond the disaster and see the beauty of the Philippines. Don't judge the rest because of one man's act of cruelty. Filipinos are kind, warm, and generous. One man isn't going to change all that.

Despite everything, it's still the same WOW Philippines for me. ♥

Spiderman to the rescue!

Oh, and SWAT jokes are circulating right now.
SWAT means:
  • Sorry, Wala Akong Training (Sorry, I don't have any training)
  • Sugod, Wait, Atras, Takbo (Charge, Wait, Retreat, Run)
  • Sana Wag Akong Tamaan (I hope I don't get hot)

I know it's no time to make jokes, but sometimes a little laughter goes a long way. So.. Cheer up. Life is good. =)

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Nikolett said...

I was SO shocked when I first heard about it - most of my friends are Filipino so I feel like I get somewhat effected by what's going on there. I really don't think it's fair for a state to close its doors on Filipino nurses ... ahh people need to learn to look at the individuals responsible rather than the cultural background! /end rant. I hope everything's going well with you, though :)

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