Friday, October 15, 2010

playing uno was the highlight of our night =P

Went out the other night with friends. What was supposed to be just dinner turned out to be one of the best nights ever.

I was with Jen the whole afternoon, we went window shopping, then ordered take out and came back to my place. Jojo soon came around past 5, and we lay in bed, ate corn, and mostly just talked. Kim and Mon came by to pick us up around 7, then we went by to get Lex, and since Kim was craving for some streetside barbecue, we decided to eat at Manang's. We chatted about nonsense stuff while we waited for our food to be served, and then we ate with gusto.

After eating, we drove around without any plans on where to go, and we ended up visiting Raymon's pets. I wanted to see Kreus because I've been pegging him as a potential mate for my Rixia. We stayed for a while, because the rain won't let up. Jojo, Kim and I began quizzing Jenny about different Nursing topics to help her prepare for this coming Nursing Board.

Then we ended up going to Cafe Lucia.

And that's where the fun really began. We played Uno, and I don't know how it happened, but we all conspired against Lex. It's not really a matter of who wins, just as long as Lex loses. we all laughed so hard whenever me or Kim drops a Draw4 card, and he just mouths off foul words. We played for more than an hour, and the laughter just never stopped. Cafe Lucia closes at 12, but it waits until the last customer leaves, and around 12 past we decided to go since we were the only ones around.

We dropped Jenny home, then Jojo. And suddenly Lex remembered that Kim wanted to drink Tanduay Ice, so I texted Jojo to wait for us coz we're going back, then dropped by Karry to buy some chips and the drinks. We headed back for Jojo, picked him up, and went to McArthur. We drank TanIce, talked about serious stuff, goofed around, listened to waves crashing to the shore. We headed home around past 2 in the morning.

It was an amazing night, made even more amazing by great friends.

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Nikolett said...

That sounds like such an amazing night out :) I love spontaneous moments like this where you just see where the night takes you ... and Uno is a classic game, haha.

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