Monday, January 23, 2012

puppy litter

I haven't been updating my blog lately.. Mainly because of three reasons: I'm busy, I'm lazy, and I have crappy net. But this is just too "important" to pass up.

First, it's Chinese New Year, so I'm gonna give a shoutout to everyone, especially to my fellow Chinese and Fil-Chinese brothers and sisters. Kiong Hee Huat Tsai! Translated it means I wish you prosperity and good fortune. I came home for the holiday since I have a long weekend. Plus, I wanted some tikoy.

I'll be going back to Cebu later, but I had plans to come back when my dog Reina gives birth. We expected her to deliver her pups at the end of this month. We didn't expect her to do it today, though! Since my bed is currently out of order (don't ask), I bunked in with my parents last night. Something was obviously bother Reina last night, as she kept on moving from one area of the room to another; she kept scratching the floor and cannot seem to settle down. We all thought it was because she's nearing the end of her pregnancy. How right we are!

Around 4AM this morning, my Mom woke up and attended to Reina, before she start prepping herself for Mass. I woke up because she turned on the light, but I ignored them and pulled my blanket over my head. I was drifting back to sleep when I heard my Dad told my Mom that Reina already pushed out one puppy. That woke me up faster than any alarm clock did.

As of 4:43AM, Puppy 1 was born. After that, four more puppies came out. So Reina is the proud momma of five.

So there. Two events, one fine day. I just have to blog this, no matter how sucky and slow my connection is. Oh, and to make today's occasion three, lemme just greet my dearest crazy friend Jenny. Happy birthday Luka, best wishes from Sisa. I love you.

Pics of the smug bitch (Reina) and her litter of love.

"Think chidbirth is exhausting? Try giving birth to five."

Smug bitch.

"You can't even handle one, yet I have five!"

They take after their Momma.

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