Monday, February 6, 2012

this day has been a bitch to everyone

I woke up today with my ankle swollen and way worse than yesterday. The pain started the other day, but it was so bearable so I didn't pay it much attention. But today, damn, it was really bad. I can't even put weight on it so walking is a bitch. It was so bad that I had to take pain-relievers, and I hate taking medications of any kind.

While I was on my way to a nearby Watson's (I took the taxi because I really couldn't walk) to buy some Ibuprofen, the car began to shake. Earthquake. God, people from buildings and establishments were running out to the streets. Turns out a quake hit the Negros and Cebu area with a magnitude of 6.9.

Our class starts at one, and with the ongoing traffic at the Capitol area, I arrived at school with only minutes to spare. I changed quickly (well, as quickly as my foot allows) and went to the bakeshop. We were about to start when Chef Nick got a call from downstairs that classes are suspended because there's a level two tsunami alert advisory.

We wanted to continue on with the class since the alert was only for the west coast area, and we are far, but they won't ignore the warning so we had no choice but to go.

My batchmates, Bogs, Ienne, Cheng, Adz, Joy and I ended up in McDo, though. We were chilling, talking, and trying to hide the fact that the earthquake scared us. Then in the middle of our conversation, two firetrucks went by. At first we were wondering where the fire was, looking up the sky for some indication of smoke. When we couldn't find one, we asked a lady where the fire was. She told us there's no fire, but water's coming our way.

People were panicking, so what do you expect? Fear is contagious, and we also panicked. We ran back to our school, which is just a few meters away, figuring that if the water hits, we'd be safe on higher ground. Plus, if we got stranded there, we won't be worrying about food coz the kitchen's stocked. It wasn't easy running with a sprained ankle, but adrenaline worked it's magic.

It turned out to be a false alarm, but the damaged was done. The mass panic caused traffic jams, people were running in the streets, stores were closed down. We didn't get to see it firsthand, but we heard that the flyover at Robinson's was crammed with people. People gathered around Fuente OsmeƱa circle for safety. And IT Park was full of people, too.

Apparently some fucking idiot called the fire station and reported that he/she saw a wave coming it. Bad news do travel fast. You can just imagine that mayhem it caused. Damn. So whoever you are, what you did wasn't even remotely funny. I hope karma comes and bite you in the ass.

Prayers for everyone affected by the quakes. God help us. I know He won't forsake us, so let's have faith.

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