Wednesday, November 21, 2012

my latest baby

I'm not one to usually splurge on a gadget. Sure, I've got a camera, an android phone, a Kindle (well, it's dead but that's another story), an iPod Touch, and a laptop, but so far the most expensive thing on my list is my laptop. And it's not even that expensive compared to the prices on the market.

And I didn't grow up with gadgets, either. Looking back, sometimes I feel so deprived. I've never owned a Playstation, a Gameboy, no Nintendo DS, and the like. I had an ancient Family Computer, and the next thing I got was a PSP. Just those two. There were times when I'd envy my friends. I'd listen to them talk about the latest games, and I could never relate that much. The only time I'm able to play was when I'm at my friends' houses.

I guess that's why, even at my age, I still have a yearning for gaming consoles. But I'm trying to supress that urge and go for gadgets that are more age-appropriate. Hence, the camera, Kindle, iTouch, and laptop.

My constant companions were my books. That's why the Kindle was is the perfect gadget for me. Sadly, my Kindle died expired gave up on me is on a hiatus. It suddenly kept on freezing and restarting, and the Amazon live chat CSR I talked to could offer me no solutions that worked. According to my Mom, my Kindle died of exhaustion from being overused.

Anyway, for a while, I debated internally whether I'd get a new Kindle, an iPad 2, an iPad Mini, or the latest iPad with Retina Display. After much deliberation, I decided on the iPad Mini. And, no regrets! I love how small, light, compact, and slim it is. It's a bit pricey (and my bank account is still weeping), but I think it's worth what I paid for.

I still have to buy some accessories to protect my baby, but with it being new (and not yet available at Apple Philippines), I'm having a hard time looking for the perfect bling. I'll just have to be patient (which is so not one of my virtues).

But anyway, I present to you Mini Bellatrix (Mini with it being the iPad Mini, and Bellatrix from my favorite Death Eater, Bellatrix Lestrange) or Mini B, for short. My friend Janelle coined the name (she calls me B, so my baby is my Mini version, hence, Mini B), so I appointed her godmother.

God, we are so weird. 

Anyhoo, here she is!  

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