Thursday, November 8, 2012

not everything done on impulse is fun...

...and painless.

I'm a pretty impulsive person. When I really want to do something, there's no stopping me once I made up my mind. 

My impulses are usually fun, and harmless. Like buying something so expensive but totally useless, or going out at 3 AM because I feel like having a stroll. There was a time when I cut butchered my own hair, because it was too late to go to a salon, and I really wanted a haircut. Or the time when I joined my cousins at the beach. I didn't have a change of clothes, but I was so envious of them swimming that I just jumped into the sea. I had to go home in wet clothes, but hey, I had fun.

Of course, some of my impulses get me in trouble. Like the time when I accompanied our helper to the market. I think I was about 7 that time. I saw this stall selling catfish, live catfish. And of course, I just had to buy one. My Dad was not happy. When I was that age, I also bought 2 ducklings from a sidewalk vendor. Again, Dad was not happy.

So, now I limit my impulsiveness to myself (no point having Dad rant at me). Like getting my hair permed (I did this twice), dyeing my hair to burgundy with red highlights, and the like.

I was at SM Cebu with my Mom last Tuesday. We were killing time, for our ship doesn't leave until 10 PM. My Mom got tired from all the walking, so we settled on one of the chair at the Northwing. It just so happened that we were in front of Lay Bare, so I went in and ask for details about their Brazilian Wax. And right then and there, I decided to get one.

I've been meaning to try this a long time ago, but the potential pain kept stopping me. I was a bit uncomfortable and apprehensive, and when I got into my cubicle I was asking myself if I really wan to inflict a lot of pain on my body's most sensitive part, but I just decided to go through it.

Jessica, my wax technician, kept me at ease by answering all my question, and making small talk to distract me from the pain. Although, it wasn't that painful. I'd give it a 3 or 4 out of 10 on a pain scale, with 10 as the most painful. 

And I know there are a lot of waxing salons out there, but I'd personally recommend Lay Bare. Their cubicles are clean, and their staffs are all very nice. And as opposed to the hot wax usually used by most salons, they use cold sugar wax, which they make themselves  It is made with natural ingredients (sugar, kalamansi, and honey) and contains no chemicals. It's also less painful, and more comfortable. I tried hot wax once on my underarms, and I didn't like it. I can only imagine how it would feel during a Brazilian.

So, Lay Bare, cheers for making my first time as comfortable and as painless as possible! =)

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