Monday, November 2, 2009

friends. family. food.

All Soul's Day is like an informal gathering for our family. Since we don't see each other much, we try to make the most our gatherings. My aunt and cousin came home, and my nephews stayed at my other cousin's place, and we all had a big sleepover. Our neighbor's got WiFi (no password, yey!) so we hauled our laptops and enjoyed free net. They're so generous, they just don't know it. LOL

October 31

Went to the mall with Hans, Jojo and Lex. Jun was supposed to come, too, but she wasn't in the mood due to lack of sleep. We watched Michael Jackson's This Is It. I'm not an MJ fun, but seeing how the concert was prepared for, I knew it was gonna be a good one. Too bad. (May his soul rest in peace.) I especially loved Thriller (aside from the fact that it's my favorite MJ song). It was well made, and the costumes and make up look realistic to me.

We ate at Shakey's after. We didn't stay long, though. Then we went to Jin's at San Joaquin to get my Twilight Saga books. And we all went home.

My cousins, aunts and nephews were all accounted for when I got to my couz's place. We discovered our neighbor's WiFi, and we spent all night using it. I slept at about 2am, my nephews followed suit at 3am.

November 1

Went to the cemetery to pay respects to my grandma and uncle. I brought along a novel - Maeve Binchy's Heart and Soul, and while my nephews have their noses up against their PSPs, I spent the afternoon reading.

Afterwards, we went to Stephanie's for dinner. I so love eat all you can. What's not to love? Needless to say, we were all stuffed last night.

My nephew and I went straight to our respective laptops when we arrived home. Again, using our unaware neighbor's connection again, we surfed the net, downloaded songs, downloaded movies, check our Facebook and mail, chatted via YM and all. We tried to watch Jennifer's Body at Play and Watch, but we got till about 30 minutes through the movie. It stopped buffering and wouldn't continue, so we gave it up. I went to sleep, and my nephews came after me. They were scared to be left alone. LOL

November 2

Went to the cemetery again, but this time I didn't stay long. It was so hot there. I came home right after lunch, I didn't even go to the airport to say goodbye to my cousin and aunt (they're going back to Manila).

I just wanted to get home, and maybe have a little lie-in before I hit the books once again. November 29 is fast approaching, and I gotta be ready else the board might catch me unaware. LOL

On a much different note, my previous blog was just a little something something that's got me confused. LOL Maybe I'll blog about it, maybe I won't. Just not something I'm ready to divulge, coz I still am on denial. It's got me all fucked up though. Sigh.

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