Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my legs are screaming for mercy

I woke up this morning feeling pretty awesome, since I had a good night's sleep and was able to wake up late (thanks to PNoy's inaguration, which was declared a national holiday, meaning no classes today). It's funny how whether you're an elementary, high school, college or a postgrad student, you still cheer when holidays are announced and your classes for that day are canceled.

I was supposed to go home to Cavite last night, but I opted to stay at the apartment. I like staying at Cavite better - I have my own room, homecooked meals, someone washes my clothes, DSL internet connection. The downside is, whenever we come back to QC, we come early. Meaning I have to drag my ass out of bed at 4 or 5 in the morning, depending on what time we leave - usually around 5 or 5:30 am.

I'm not a morning person, but I don't mind waking up early. It's just that, with a full day ahead, I prefer getting all the sleep I can get. Like last Monday, we left the house around 6 am, but I woke up at 5. Traffic was bad, so I wasn't able to stop by the apartment to catch some Zzzz's for a while. The whole afternoon, the words on the PowerPoint were floating in front of my eyes, and the lecturers' voices were almost lulling me to sleep. So is it any wonder that I prefer to stay here at the apartment with my crappy SmartBro connection just so I can get a decent sleep?

Anyway, back to my day.

Lex and I planned to meet up today since we haven't seen each other since he joined me, my cousin, nephews and a few family friends to Subic. I texted my friends with the hope that we could get together, but turns out they're all busy so it was just me and Lex.

We walked around TriNoma, then we decided to go to SM North. I wanted to go to Cyberzone. I absolutely love SM North's Cyberzone, it's the best. We ate a late lunch at Pizza Hut, where I ordered my favorite pizza - 5 Cheese with Mozerella stuffed crust. It's a cheezy goodness. We walked around after eating, and I ended up to what I call "the happiest place on earth" - the department store. I bought a new bag - couldn't resist. I'm weak, plus it was on sale, which added to my weakness. I was also going to buy the Ipanema Giselle Bundchen sandals I wanted, I was willing to overlook it's expensiveness (it's 1,590 pesos), but sadly, fate decided it wasn't for me. The size 5 was too fit, and the size 6 was too loose. We went back to TriNoma, where we walk aimlessly before going home.

It was nice to spend time with him again. ♥

I arrived at the apartment at half-past four. And around 5 pm, Tita Eilene and I walked to the Quezon Memorial Circle. It was my first time to pass by the underpass, and I can't believe how nice it was except for the crowd of people going to QCM, too). We walked around QCM, then we decided to exit the are. We never intended to stay for the street party, we just wanted to see the set up there. After satisfying our curiosity, we walked back home.

I had an amazing day, but I can't say the same for my legs and feet. My muscles are in agony. Too much walking in one day is not good.

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