Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my HP addiction

I've been an avid Harry Potter fan ever since I picked up the first HP book 11 years ago. I always knew exactly when the next book is going to be release, and I always made sure I have the copy as soon as it is released - partly because I liked to brag that I already have the book while others are trying to get their own copies but can't coz it's all sold out, but mostly because I just couldn't wait another day without reading about Harry's next adventure. Even until now, I'd still read all the books in the HP series, and I never get tired of re-reading it no matter how many time I've read it before.

You can only imagine my delight when I found out that the first book is being made into a movie. I'm not a fan of books-turned-into-movies, because they end up murdering the whole context, but I was excited. I couldn't wait to see who would portray my favorite characters, how they'd turn the words into images. I felt that it'd be nice to see the characters come to life in the big screen instead of just in every reader's imagination.

And I must admit, they did a great job with all the HP books (except for the 7th, though, for it wasn't shown yet), although, in my own opinion, they could do a better job. I'm hoping the 7th movie won't be a disappointment, because I have high expectations, and I'm sure other HP fans do, too.

I'm patiently waiting for the first installment of the 7th book, because let's face it - what else can I do but wait? I'm glad for the sneak peak, though. The trailer got me even more excited, with the back of my neck tingling with anticipation.

Yes, I've been waiting for a long time. I want to see how it turns out in the big screen. I want to see the war between Harry and Lord Voldemort. I want to see Mrs. Weasley shouting "not my daughter, you bitch!" I wanna see little Snape and little Lily. I wanna see Dumbledore asking Snape "after all this time?" and Snape answering "yes" when they talked about Lily. I want to see more Harry-Ginny scenes (because I do like them both together).

There's a whole lot more, but mostly I want to see my favorite Death Eater again - the one and only Bellatrix Lestrange played by one of my favorite actresses of all time - Helena Bonham Carter.

Isn't she just disturbingly awesome?

My favorite Death Eater!

From kids.. (Look how adorable they are!)

To teens.

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