Tuesday, June 1, 2010

outlining my whole summer

  • 24 - Arrived at Manila, ate breakfast at Pancake House, went to my cousin's apartment, slept, ate dinner at Kimono Ken.
  • 25 - Went to MoA and watched Shutter Is. We all thought it was a horror movie. LOL Ate dinner at President's.
  • 26, 27, 28 - Stayed at home at Cavite, while my cousin and Kuya R both went to work.
  • 29 - En route to Busuanga via Zest Air. Damn flight was late for more than 2 hours, and the airline didn't even had the decency to offer us lunch. Arrived at the Coron Village Lodge 3 hours past our schedule. Went trekking at Mt. Tapyas (climbed approximately 700 steps). Relaxed at Maquinit Hot Springs before eating dinner at Kawayanan Grill Station.
  • 30 - Rode a pumboat to Siete Pecados to do some snorkeling, then to Blue Lagoon, trekked to see Kayangan Lake, proceeded to see the Skeleton Ship, and then went to Twin Lagoon. Ate dinner at Kawayanan again.
  • 1 - 2-hour boat ride to Banul Beach, where we ate lunch. Went to Coral Garden to see some amazing corals, then to the Japanese WWII Skeleton Wreck. Back to the lodge for dinner and rest after a long day.
  • 2 - Arrived at Manila in the afternoon. Went directly to MoA to watch Iron Man 2. Scarlet Johansson was hot!
  • 3-7 - Stayed at Cavite. Spent our days sleeping, eating, surfing the net, playing PS3.
  • 8-9 - Went to Laiya, Batangas for the weekend. Joined PHC's NeuroICU staff during their outing. Played games, went swimming and Jetskiing. Lotsa fun. Made new friends, too!
  • 10 - Went to Trinoma. Ate at Conti's. Went to my aunt's house to rest awhile, then went to SM Centerpoint for some grocery shopping. Then we ate dinner at Pizza Hut.
  • 11 - Went to Robinson's. Ate at Icebergs.
  • 12 - Spent the day at Balete. Went to Red Palace for an early birthday celebration for my Aunt, where we had a spat (more on this on another blog).
  • 13 - Spent the day at Cavite.
  • 14-17 - Went to Kuys R's hometown in Antique. Learned how to play Mahjong. Went swimming, snorkeling, fish feeding.
  • 18-19 - Back in Cavite.
  • 20 Went to MoA. Supposed to buy clothes for interview, but shopping with 4 males in tow is no help. Watched Robin Hood instead at the Director's Club (where they had La-Z-Boys instead of the normal cinema seats). Awesome.
  • 21 - Went to Lung Center, the ANSAP office was located there. Went to Trinoma where Ate M helped me with my shopping. Ate dinner at the Golden Bay.
  • 22 - Stayed at Cavite.
  • 23 - Went to Festival Mall to get the TV we sent in for repair. Ate at Icebergs at Timog. Then went to PHC, because my cousin did her rounds, while we waited for her at the Neuro ICU. Went to the apartment, then went home to Cavite that night.
  • 24 - My exam and interview at PHC's HR Department. Wasn't so bad after all. The HR personnel said I was open, honest and sincere, but I gotta work on my communication skills, though.
  • 25 - Clinical exam for the Nursing department at PHC. A bit hard.
  • 26 - Saw heart surgeries. A PDA closure on an 8-month old infant. Saw a beating heart from a man on bypass. Saw an AVH for a CABG surgery. Soooo cool
  • 27 - Stayed at Cavite.
  • 28 - Went to Trinoma to watch Prince of Persia. Hot damn, I love love love Princess Tamina!
  • 29 - Back home to Tacloban =)

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