Thursday, February 10, 2011

is the kindle 3 worth having?

I know Amazon's Kindle 3 was included on my Christmas wishlist, and I know it'd be a perfect gadget for a book freak like me, but I started to wonder if it's worth buying. I mean, I saw the prices of eBooks being sold at Amazon, and I can't get over how freakin' expensive they are - that's the jobless, almost always broke part of me saying that, though. The book-hungry,I-don't-care-what-the-price-is-I-wanna-read-it-so-I'm-buying-it part says it's gonna be worth it - I mean, think of all the books I can access in one nifty gadget.

My Mom is currently on vacation in Singapore, along with my uncle, my cousin, and my cousin's hubby. Mommy asked me what I wanted for my pasalubong, and I said I wanted a car. She just laughed at me, and since I've been begging my Dad to get me a car, but to no avail, I know that was a lost cause, but hey, you couldn't blame me for trying. *big grin* I asked for an iPhone 4, mostly as a joke, since I don't really want one, she just said "We'll see." So if an iPhone 4 (which is way more expensive than a Kindle, I might add) gets the "we'll see" tag, I'm guessing the Kindle 3 we'll get the big OK. And therein lies my problem.

So.. To buy or not to buy? Or rather, to ask or not to ask? =D

So.. What do you guys think? =DI can't get over how slim it is! ♥

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