Monday, February 14, 2011

kindle. nuff said.

So.. In my last post, I was debating on whether to get a Kindle or not. Guess what? I DID! Woohoo. =)

While my Mom was in Singapore, she called me using my cousin's (who is based there) phone. She asked me if I'm familiar with a Tablet. Our conversation went like this:

Mom: You know what a Tablet is?
Me: Yep. Why?
Mom: Kasi Edzel (my cousin) is suggesting na instead yung iPhone, tablet na lang daw.
Me: Ma, I texted you, di mo nabasa?
Mom: i left my phone at the hotel, mabigat.
Me: Sus, nag-roaming ka pa. I texted kanina saying na the iPhone was a joke lang.. I don't want one talaga.
Mom: So ano yung gusto mo?
Me: Alam mo yung Kindle?
Mom (talking to my cousin in the background): Kindle daw. Ewan. Kayo mag usap.
Edzel: Hello? Tinatanong ng Mommy mo kung gusto mo daw Galaxy Tab, kasi it's cheaper than iPhone, tapos with better features.
Me: I told Mommy na I was joking lang about the iPhone.. I don't want it actually.
Edzel: So ano na nam?
Me: May Kindle jan? I want the Kindle 3 kasi, ung WiFi lang, not the 3G.
Edzel (laughing): Mas cheaper pa un compared to Galaxy Tab ah.
Me: Kaya nga eh.
Edzel: Nakatipid pa Mommy mo sayo.
So there. Because Bookworm-Me is more dominant than Techie-Me, I said no to Mom's offer of the Galaxy Tab, a decision I'm sure to regret sometime in the future.But I didn't walk away empty-handed, oh no. Because I did get Amazon's Kindle 3 WiFi in Granite. Woohoo!!

Comes with a Certified Frustration-Free Packaging =)

It changes it's wallpaper everytime it's off.

More wallpapers - not just authors.

I can now stop buying way expensive books because I am running out of place to put them in.
Jane Austen - my favorite classics author ♥

And Mommy, i cannot thank you enough for being fully supportive of my one true love - reading =)

Oh, and Happy Hearts Day everyone! ^^

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