Monday, August 15, 2011

love & angry birds

Lex went to Manila last Tuesday with his parents. And even though he came home last Friday, today was the first time we got together since he came back. Yes, we talk every night, and we text each other all day, but still. Feels different when you're not in the same place province city street (yes, we live in the same street, his house is two blocks away from mine), and I missed him dreadfully.

I asked him to get a couple of things for me (Tacloban might be highly urbanized now, but there are things that I can't buy here still, ugh!) and added to those, he gave me something else.

Angry Birds purse, cellphone case, charm ♥

I'm such a sucker for Angry Birds. I love the games, love the birds, love the pigs! =)

Thanks a bunch, Lex. Love you much! ♥

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