Thursday, September 1, 2011

packing my stuff early for a change

One more night, and it's Hello, Cebu! My flight doesn't leave till 5 in the afternoon, and usually I prefer packing at the last minute, around 2 hours before I have to leave for the airport, but this time I decided to pack early, just so I won't have to do anything else tomorrow.

My friend Jen and I are off to Cebu tomorrow for a week-long trip. It's mostly vacay, and meeting up with friends who are there, but I have some stuff to see to, too. Hopefully, if all goes well, I can finally tell ask my Dad about my Pastry Arts plans. *fingers crossed*

I'm excited about this trip, even though I don't have much money, and by the time I come home I'll be virtually broke, because I'll be seeing my best friend again after 6 years. That's a really long time, but still, our friendship remains strong. We've known each other since our elementary days, became best friends in our high school years, and maintained that friendship to this day. I can't wait to see her, and I do hope she can bring her little girl Yzabelle (Yza, as she's called, but I prefer calling her Belle, so we'd share the same name), since she's the only inaanak (goddaughter) I have that I haven't seen yet.

I love promo flights. It allows me to travel whenever I want without thinking how expensive flying can be. Mind you, it is still expensive, but considering the original ticket price, it's a steal.

I can't wait! =)

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