Saturday, July 30, 2011

a very fruitful day

I finally bought a leather case for my Kindle, woohoo! I kept postponing it, since leather case aren't exactly cheap. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon a listing in eBay. What I got is practically a bargain, even at 2,500.00 PHP. The seller was selling her M-edge Executive Cover and E-luminator for Kindle 3, and it's in excellent condition. To top it off, she even added a black silicon case for free. How can I walk away from all that? So now, I'm 2650.00 poorer, but way, way happier.

My bargain buys =)

My Kindle in its new case ♥

I played yaya for four kids today. We went swimming, and I was their chaperone. I had so much fun with Stephie, Skye, Raine & Troy. It's like being a kid again.

The fun stopped for me when it started raining - hard. I didn't mind the rain, but with it came strong winds, and it didn't take a long time before I started shivering from cold. I had goosebumps up and down my arms. So I moved from the kiddie pool into the big pool and started swimming laps to warm myself up.

When the kids got tired (finally!), we all went home. I had dinner at my cousin's place, along with the kids and the rest of my nephews who just came home from school. My tummy's bursting from all the food and dessert we consumed.

And to make my day even better, my cousin gave me Victoria's Secret undies. I adore undies, no idea why. But I love buying them and receiving them as gifts (even better). They're pink - bright pink - and I'm no fan of pink. But hey, I was never one to turn down gifts. So pink or no pink, its hella mine. ♥

Pink VS undies ♥

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