Monday, March 5, 2012

i gotta blog more often

I've been neglecting my blog yet again for the nth time, but at least this time I'm not losing interest in it. Before, I just delete my blog, and when I feel like it, I start all over again. It's like a disease.

Anyway, I don't have much going on lately, so I don't have anything to blab about. Just normal stuff: I go to school, we bake goodies (one day I'll post more pics), it's pretty much routine stuff. I do my laundry, clean my little place, hang out with friends.

Bf came to visit last February 24, just for the weekend. But it was more than enough. We hang out together, watched a movie. Simple stuff, but it was all fun. I missed him.

I went home last Friday. Mom left for Dumaguete, and Dad was supposed to go to Bohol (but he cancelled at the last minute, don't know why) so I was supposed to watch over our store. Saw two of my BFFs Jo and Janz; sadly Jin has work. Bonded with my Dad, anf played with Reina's puppies. They're all soooo cute! Too bad we can't keep them.

Anyway, weekend's over so it's back to the real world. Went to class today, and, lo and behold, Aunt Flo arrived. I was getting a bit antsy because my cycle got all messed up, and I've been PMSing to hell so I was actually glad about it. But then I got cramps. Not the usual cramps-that-can-be-cured-with-chocolate, but the oh-my-God-this-feels-like-labor-pains kind.

By 3 PM I was pale, and the pain was reaching 8 on a scale of 1-10. I took a pain reliever, but it didn't work as quickly as I'd like. By 4 Pm, I was having chills, and I was getting dizzy and feeling a bit nauseous. I can't even concentrate on my Focaccia by then. Everyone kept looking at me and asking me if I'm OK every minute or so.

Chef Nick told me to just sit down, and stop working on my bread. I decided to go home instead.. I left class early. When I got down, I asked the guard to get me a taxi while I sat down and waited. I told the taxi driver my address, and asked if we could just stop by a pharmacy. I bought some more pain meds, just in case.

When I arrived home, I boiled some water and changed into more comfy clothes. I used the hot water for a hot compress. I was asleep in minutes.

I woke up to the ringing of my phone. I ignored it at first but the caller was persistent. Turns out, it was my boyfriend calling to check up on me. It was so funny coz he was panicking because he couldn't reach me. I didn''t reply to any of his messages and I never answered his calls, and he went crazy. He started imagining morbid things. He thought I that I fainted from the pain and was lying unconscious somewhere. It was sweet. And touching. Told him nothing dramatic happened, I was just trying to sleep off the pain. LOL

I feel much better now, though. Still in pain, but better.

Mom's dropping by Cebu tomorrow, from Dumaguete. She's staying for a short visit before she heads home. I can't wait to see her. =)

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