Wednesday, January 5, 2011

hump day

Today was my third day of orientation at EVRMC, where I'm applied as a nurse volunteer. So it's been three days of waking up early (we report to the hospital at 8), and being a night person, you can only imagine how big this sacrifice is.

We already took an exam prior to our orientation, but due to some who didn't take the exam seriously and got really, really low scores (i mean, come on, who doesn't know how to calculate dosages? That's like basic.), so they changed the requirements. Instead of having our contract signing last Dec. 22, 2010 and starting our orientation as accepted NVTs (nurse volunteer trainee), we are now supposed to attend the orientation first and be subjected to another evaluation. Sucks.

I am bitter, because I got a somewhat high mark. The highest got a score of 69 out of 80 items. I got 62, and I think I was the second or third highest (I'm not bragging; rather, I am justifying my right to be pissed because now I have to suffer through another exam, with the fear of failing).

Life is never fair.

I do hope I get in, and while volunteering, I'll also try to apply for a job order. I know I'll learn truckloads of stuff while there, and I know that when I make it through 6 months at EVRMC, I know I''l make it anywhere.

There goes my Med plans, right down the drain. Cheers to being a Nurse ♥

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