Wednesday, January 12, 2011

my future starts today =)

So.. My first stint as a nurse volunteer trainee started today. We had our week-long orientation and re-evaluation (where I scored a whopping 97 out of 100, woohoo!) last week. We had our contracts signed, then we had a hospital tour (interesting only to those who never set foot at EVRMC before), and then we were oriented to our specific areas assigned.

I was assigned at ER until the 22nd of January, then at OPD for the rest of the month. Hopefully my schedule will be good. Too bad we're always on duty during the morning shift, unless they give us an afternoon/night shift, which will be highly unlikely.

6 months of pure service and no pay. Oh Lord, help me make it through this, and I know I can make it through anything.

Let's see if I still feel like this after 6 months =P

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