Sunday, December 20, 2009

1,700+ worth of books

If one could be bored to death, I'd be dead in a weak. I'm the type of person who can't stand being idle; either I'm always on the go, or I find something to entertain me. I don't like sitting around for a long time doing nothing, which is why I hated those long lectures when I was still at school. 15 minutes into the discussion, I'd be doodling stuff at the back of my notebook or on a lone piece of paper and wasting my pen's ink.

I've been doing nothing since I came back from a 5-day vacation in Davao with friends and I'm bored as hell. So yesterday I hauled my lazy ass up to Robinson's and spent my remaining money plus what little money I asked from my Mom and stacked up on books from my happy places, National Bookstore and Book Sale.

I got Lynsay Sands' The Renegade Hunter, A Quick Bite, Vampires are Forever (FYI: I got to reading the Argeneau Series way before the Twilight thing blown-up, and it's not as if the Twilight Saga started the whole vampire thing - need I remind you of Anne Rice?), Erich Segal's Doctors (I've been looking for this book since forever - thanks to Book Sale for housing second-hand, hard to find books), Sarah Dessen's This Summer (I was looking for another book of hers actually, but I figured I might as well read this one, too), and Elizabeth Lowell's Whirlpool, Innocent as Sin.

They may be a lot, but for a fast-reader like me, they'll be finished long before Christmas arrives. I'm weird like that - I devour books for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have tons of books here - maybe one of these days (when I'm bored again and have nothing to do - again) I'll take a picture of my bookshelves (yes, I have more than one shelf) and show you guys what an avid reader and collector I really am.

My Dad used to get mad at me for buying books - there was a time when I can spend up to 5,000 pesos on a 1-hour visit to NBS (that's how much of a reader I am) but I'd like to think I have more self-control now than I had before.

1,700 may sound much, but I hate putting a price on something that makes me happy. And these books do more than that - they keep me sane. ^^


jo-an said...

Books are always good investments. :D

Belle ♥ said...

yep, they are :D

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