Wednesday, December 30, 2009

welcoming 2010

I've been neglecting my blog this Christmas. Aside from having no proper net connection, I've been real busy. Busy enough for me to take time away from my lappy and the world wide web.

This is like the best year ever (of course, I may change my mind in the upcoming years, but for now, I'll settle for 2009)! A few of the reasons why I pegged this year as the best - I graduated college last April, I had a almost-two-month-long vacation, I had such awesome time with friends, I got my lappy, Davao!

Of course, 2009 wasn't all perfect and happy. There are times I would rather forget - such as the grueling two days of the Nursing Board Exam. God. That felt like hell. There were questions there where I was like, "Oh my effin G, did I ever learn this in school? How come I don't know this?" Then I'd proceed to shade an answer which I fervently pray was which but deep down I know it's wrong. If I fail the board, I don't think I'd have enough conviction to take it again. I just don't want to go through another two days of pure agony. Why couldn't I have chosen a course with no board exam?

These past days have been great. I'm always out with my Christmas buddies (because we always get together almost every night during Christmas break - it's like a tradition). We'd go out, have dinner, go to Robi, go to Bo's, or someone's house and just chill. Talk. I love how our personal talks never seem to be so.. Personal. LOL

The only thing that bothers me is that my one and only ex is there. It's so effin' hard to get over someone when you see him on a daily basis, even if it's only for a few weeks each year (sembreak and Christmas break). But the thing is, I do enjoy spending time with him them (because them alreay includes him). God, I'm such a freaking masochist.

Oh well. We do have our own weak spots, I guess.

My cousin, aunt and nephews are coming home today. No more hangouts with friends (for the moment, at least). I miss my nephews. I still can't believe they're all grown-up and talking about girls already. I guess when you see someone grow up, you'd still see them as the kid they once were.

I can't wait for January 1. As soon as the clock strikes one (or two), my friends and I will celebrate our traditional New Year at Kim's.

Enough of my blurbs. They make no sense anyway.

Happy 2010 everyone! ^^

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