Wednesday, December 9, 2009

bored and broke. =)

Having no net connection of my own sucks. I had our Globelines phone disconnected last October, our internet connection along with it. I hated it that they always had technical problems of some sort. But thanks to advancing world of technologies, you can find WiFi everywhere! So as of now, I'm demoted to using our neighbor's WiFi. I don't know which neighbor, but I thanks him/her sincerely with all my heart.

Being a bum isn't what I imagined it would be. I am so bored. And I'm broke. I wanna hang out with my friends, but we're all without allowance, so.. *sigh*

I wanted to take a short course in Culinary Arts (ever since I was a kid, I've always loved to cook) at CCA, it's only for 13 days, but it's a whopping 49,800 pesos. I know my parents can afford that, but come this June I'll be enrolling in Medicine, and I don't think my parents will be able to afford both of them. I'm aiming for St. Luke's, and based on what I've read online, the tuition fee is like 95K, exclusive of books and miscellaneous fees.

So far, all I've been doing since I finished taking the Nursing board exam is watch DVD, eat, sleep and surf the net. I borrowed tons of DVDs from Cha, and I still have unwatched DVDs (I bought a lot last October, but my Mom forbade me tom watch DVDs the month prior to the boards so they stacked up) and movies in my laptop (I downloaded old chick flicks I haven't watched yet) and I plan on finishing them all.

I'm currently watching Friends (I'm on the 7th season now). I remember watching this sitcom when I was in high school. It's one of those you can watch over and over and over again and never get tired of it. I used to like Rachel, but now I'm more partial to Monica. And Phoebe! What's not to love about her? And her songs! After Friends, I'm hitting the series NCIS next.

I've been downloading movies ever since yesterday. I'm so sad that Mininova will be limiting its contents. It was my favorite torrent website. I know piracy is bad and all that, but I mean, come on! Original DVDs cost 500 pesos and more, pirated ones you can buy for 3 for 100 pesos at Quiapo, 50 pesos and above here at provinces. See the difference? I guess I could buy pirated ones, and I do, but as I mentioned, I'm broke. So where does that leave me? Plus I like having movies in my laptop, so I can watch them whenever and wherever I want to. I have DVDs, but I don't know how to rip them.

I was supposed to be finished with this blog by now. I started writing at around 2 PM. It's now past 3, and I'm still not yet done. I had to stop in between writing to check on my cookies (I'm baking).

Last December 1, I was thinking of doing something like Krissy's 30-day blog, challenge, but instead of rambling about my day, I'm gonna write something about me. Little facts and maybe memories. But I didn't, as I'm leaving for Davao on the 11th until the 15th, and I don't think i'm bringing my laptop with me. Maybe next month.

Ooh, I smell my cookies. They're done! Ta-ta for now. Happy vacation to me! Hoping I have fun at Davao. =)


// krissy ♥ said...

Belay! My Globe phone doesn't have credits left haha!
You can check and for premade and free layouts, you just have to tweak them a bit to suit your taste. You may notice that I change my layout all the time haha! But I think I am sticking with this one na. I made my banner just this afternoon from scratch :D
I love FRIENDS! Watch Drake and Josh, Sex and the City and Ugly Betty rin! :)
Have fun in Davao! :)

Belle ♥ said...

i tried tweaking.. man, it's hard! hahaha

i'm not a fan of sex and the city and ugly betty, but i loooove drake and josh!

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