Saturday, December 19, 2009


I did a little shopping at Davao and Cebu (yes, eventhough I only stayed for a few hours there). I bought a few stuffs for me, and presents for my nephews and niece and friends.

As usual, I'm giving my nephews shirts (for some reason, I like giving people clothes). They all liked the statement tees I gave them last year (especially the eldest, I gave him a shirt that says "now accepting hot girlfriends" and he loved it!) that I decided to give them another round of tees this year.

For my niece, I went all out again. Last year I gave her this gorgeous red dress I got from Divisoria. Having no sister of my own, and growing up with my 3 nephews, I longed for a little girl to dress up. And then came little Stephie. I'm not as close to her as I am to my nephews, but do love giving her pretty dresses and stuff. I'm not fond of dresses myself but I do enjoy watching little kids wear them. (I used to love dresses when I was younger, but now I'm more of a tee, shorts/jeans/baggy pants, flip-flops/sneakers kind of girl.)

Here are the clothes I bought for my niece :)

And of course, for myself, I got 3 Davao shirts (I always get souvenir shirts for myself, except last summer when we went to Dumaguete coz I wasn't able to buy one). I also bought 3 pairs of shorts (the blue one wasn't in the picture as I used it and it's already in the washer) from Surplus, 4 shirts (3 from Surplus and 1 from the SM Dept. Store), and 2 new pairs of Havs.

My new shorts and shirts (I don't know what happened to the picture) :D

Havs Slim Purple and Havs Fit Black (I was supposed to get silver but they didn't have my size)

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