Tuesday, January 5, 2010

my christmas and new year - summed up

Ok this is a late post, I saved this on my laptop for posting, but I never got around to it.

Christmas Eve I went to church with my Mom (my Dad always goes to church on Christmas Day). We don't do the traditional Noche Buena stuff.. We always celebrate on New Year's Eve because that's when the whole family (everyone from the parents and children down to the grandchildren) is here. After the mass, we got home and I fell asleep almost immediately. I guess the 9 days of waking up at 3 am to attend the Misa de Gallo finally caught up to me. I was really tired - especially since starting the 22nd I was always out at night - leaving the house at around 6 pm and coming home around 1 or 2 am.

Christmas Day Hans and Lex picked me up at home and we went to Bo's. Afterward, we went to Robinson's to meet up with Jojo. And while waiting for him, the three of us piled into Gustavian's to get something to eat - and that's where Jojo caught up with us. We walked around after eating, then we went to Jose Karlo's and waited for Kim there. Finally, we got bored so we decided to hang out at Kim's place. We bought groceries, waited for Ken, then we left. We passed by Jin's first, picked her up, and drove to Kim's. We were supposed to stop by the Christmas House, but it was closed. This was the first time in years that we haven't been to the House. So while at Kim's, we stayed at their balcony. Talked a lot, laughed a lot, ate a lot. It was real fun.

December 30 My aunt, nephews and cousin came home. I stayed at my cousin's place the whole time, until New Year's. It's a like a big, long party. I missed my nephews. I can't believe they're all grown up already. It seems like yesterday when they'd ask me to carry them just because they don't feel like walking, and now they're taller than me.

Early Morning New Year's Day Hans and Kim picked me up at around 2 am, then we picked up Lex, Jojo, Jin and Ken. My New Year buddies. We do this every year - spend the first hours of the new year at Kim's place. This year though, Hans was so tired that he fell asleep on the sofa while the rest of us talked, laughed, sang off-key, ate. It was fun, as always. It's something we look forward to each year. I'm so glad for friends like them.

I hope you guys had such a blast on New Year too! ^^

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