Monday, January 18, 2010

great weekend

My cousin celebrated her birthday at Kuting Reef. We travelled more or less 4 hours from Tacloban to Maasin. Finally saw Agas Agas Bridge - the tallest bridge in the Philippines. Before going to the resort, we dropped by to my cousin's friend's house first, and ate a late lunch there.

We arrived at the resort late afternoon. We changed into swimsuits, then proceed to take pictures. We then took a dip at their ice cold infinity pool (it's been rainy these past few days, so the pool water was really, really cold). Took more pictures. What's a weekend getaway without a few pictures? Ok, so more than 500 pictures is a lot for a 2-day stay, but who's counting?

After our swim, we had dinner. Then we got vodkas and beer and some Magic Sing fun.

We were supposed to go to Limasawa the next day, but the weather at the island wouldn't permit. So we stayed at the resort. Jetskiing, banana boating, kayaking. It was so much fun when the banana boat overturned. Took a dip in the sea, then we transferred to the pool.

We checked out after lunch. Had dinner at my cousin's house. Drank cocktails, talked, Facebooked. They all went back to Manila this morning.

The weekend was over, but the memories will last a lifetime. ^^


Manju said...

it is those kinds of idyllic getaways that you'll remember always :)

Belle ♥ said...

exactly.. even though i got swimmer's ear from all the swimming and my ear hurts real bad, i wouldn't trade those days for anything :)

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