Monday, January 25, 2010

on ear infections, beating boredom, and gleek friends

I finally had my ear checked by my doctor last Saturday and as I expected, I got otitis externa. That's inflammation of the outer ear, which could be cause by swimming. The pain started last Tuesday, and knowing me and my aversion to check-ups (yes, I took up Nursing and hopefully will take up Medicine but I don't like visiting my doctors), I waited till last minute. My Mom called my doctor for an appointment (she knows I won't do it) but unfortunately, she had ORs to attend to on Thursday and Friday, so she couldn't see me till Saturday (yey me!).

By Thursday night, I figured I was gonna be screwed. I was gonna go beg my Dad to take me to the ER because the pain was excruciating. God. I learned at school that ear infections can be painful, but I never really believed it until I experienced it myself. Who knew an ear could hurt that much? I woke up around 2 AM to this intense pain in my ear, and my head felt like the little Irish people were tap dancing in it. I had this weird visions of me going to the OR where they had to operate on my ear because something was really wrong with it (did I mention that I'm just a tad lot paranoid?). I ate some biscuits, took some pain killers, waited for the drugs to kick in, and went back to sleep. Come Saturday, I was only happy to see my doctor.

I've been swimming my whole life and I never had otitis, not once. There was a time when I told myself that I won't go swimming again, but it was the pain talking. So, will I swim again and risk another ear infection? Hell yeah! Coz we're going to Coron, Palawan this summer! Oooh boy, I can't hardly wait. For you Filipinos who keep going out of the country for vacations, shame on you! See the Philippines' beauty first, for Pete's sakes. (Now, I'm not judging, coz I've been to other countries, but hey. This is why they invented the saying love your own.)


I was out with Janz yesterday. We were both bored, so we decided to hang at Bo's (it was either Bo's or JK, but we chose Bo's because of the free unlimited WiFi). Then around 3, Jo and Denise came, but Denise had to leave a little earlier. So it was just me, Janz and Jo. We talked about what's going on with our lives - usual stuff. Life and how boring it is, work and how tiring it is, love and about hard it is, money and about how scarce it is, vacations and about how we're not gonna get it.

We also abused Bo's WiFi, coz Janz and I downloaded a bunch of stuff (movies from Torrent and songs from Limewire) to our laptops. I was feeling a little sentimental so I downloaded a bunch of old songs I really loved. Some old ones from the previous generation like Could It Be I'm Falling in Love by the Stylistics and wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham. And some from my generation, like music from The Corrs and 98 Degrees, and etc.

We also exchanged movies, the ones we got on our laptops. And Glee! How we talked about Glee, and their renditions. Rehab kept cracking us up, coz we kept singing it.

At around 6 PM, I went to DWU Church because I was the only one who didn't attend mass. I went back to Bo's after, and we waited for Ishan. We tooked pictures, joked around, talked about more stuff.

Then we ate dinner. Pizza for us all. Yum.

After dinner, we all walked to my house, where they got to harass my dogs.

I can't believe how I missed my friends so much. I guess now that we don't have school (except for Ishan and Denise), we don't get to see each other often. Makes me wanna go back to school, if only I get to see and hang with my friends on a daily basis.

But we made plans for Wednesday, though. Gonna watch Legion. Can't wait.

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