Monday, January 11, 2010

you have no right messing my life this way

My life is an effin' mess.

First my Dad won't let me study at Manila. Fine by me. We decided on Cebu. And so I thought it everything was fine. I downloaded application forms for CIM, prepared my letters of recommendation to have them signed by former CIs, requested for copies of my TOR at school, and made plans with Cha and Jin (I'm going to Cebu with Cha and we're staying at Jin's). Things are looking up (after bawling my eyes out over not being to study at St. Luke's or UST), or so I thought.

Life's a bitch.

I had a call from my aunt this afternoon. Our conversation went like this:
She: Alam mo ba kelan uuwi Dichi mo para sa birthday niya?
Me: Ewan, 15 ata. Alam ko lang uuwi siya, di sinabi kung kelan.
She: Pero kelan birthday nya?
Me: 16 pa.
She: Ah baka 15 sila pupunta diyan.
Me: Baka nga.
She: So ano plano mo, Medicine? Tuloy ka pa?
Me: Oo.
She: Saan ka mag-aaral?
Me: Cebu ata.
She: Ba't ka pa magsi-Cebu eh meron naman diyan?
Me: Kasi mas maganda school sa Cebu. Iba na ang RTR.
She: Eh bakit si Dichi mo doon naman marami namang pasyente ngayon?
Me: Iba na nga ung school. Mas maganda dati.
She: Ayaw ng Daddy mo lumayo ka, tatlo na nga lang kayo.
Me: Siya kaya may sabi ng Cebu.
She: Eh ayaw nga nya.
Me: Basta sabi niya Cebu na lang ako.
She: Ay bahala ka. (hangs up)
Then she freakin' hang up on me. What kind of person hangs up on her own neice? What kind of person hangs up on anybody?

Same shit, different day.

Jojo came by this afternoon to copy some movies from my laptop. Then we went to Jolibee for a snack. When I got home at around 8, I told my Dad about our conversation. Then (we were speaking in Chinese, Waray and English; I just translated it to just Tagalog and English):
He: Why would you study someplace else when there's a med school here, ba?
Me: Kay it's different na nga. Lower na standards.
He: It's the student naman.
Me: Ay basta.
He: Tatlo na nga lang tayo, aalis ka pa.
Me: Kay Cebu na nga. Ikaw na nagsabi na Cebu na lang.
He: I thought mag-eexam ka lang.
Me: Klaro sabi ko, Daddy. Sabi ko mag-aapply ako sa Manila, sabi mo Cebu na lang. Wala akong sinabi na exam.
He: (silence)
That's the thing about my Dad, he avoids confrontation with me. He didn't say a word again, so I just walked out. Then I cried my eyes out, again. And I talked to my Mom. She told me she knows my Aunt talked to my Dad, but she didn't know what she said to make him change his mind. But my Mom did promise to talk to my Dad.

Anyway, I didn't make this blog to rant about my misfortunes. This was supposed to be dedicated to my manipulative, overbearing, condescending bitch of an aunt. She doesn't have a husband of kids, but she does support her late brother's adopted son who's not accepted by the rest of my uncle's family. She hates Lito's guts, but claims that he has nobody else. It's an act of charity, but I don't think her heart's in it.

I think deep down, she's lonely. And that made her bitter. She doesn't want to see me happy, that's why she's hell bent on destroying my life. She's so fuckin' bitter that she wants other people to be as miserable as she is.

I just wish she'd butt out of my life!


Manju said...

hiya! i was gonna say hi and comment on your posts earlier but the comment form wasnt working??
anyway works now ^_^

aaaghhh i do have a bitter nasty aunt too. actually i've got two...lucky me..yeah right >_< they just wait till you do something wrong and then just pounce on you and destroy your character...totally charming *sarcasm* lol

dnt let it get to you

Belle ♥ said...

i know! all my nephews don't like her.. they just pretend to do so. lol

anyway, it's all out of my system. i don;t care. blahblah.
thanks! :)

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