Friday, January 8, 2010

hair minus 2 inches

I had my hair dyed this afternoon. Something called red mahogany brown. I don't understand why they give names like that. Why can't a dye just be red, mahogany or brown? Why does it have to be something like blue black or black brown or a combination of any other colors? They give people like me a headache.

I also had my usual hairdresser chop off two inches from my layered, V-shaped hair. Just the tip. So now I have U-shaped hair. She kept asking me, "Are you sure?" Because knowing me, I'd bawl my eyes out at the idea of cutting my hair. But I don't want layered hair. I want it straight again, like when I was in high school. And it's not like it's gonna stop being V-shaped by itself. So I just said, "Cut it before I changed my mind!" for I was on the verge of doing so.

And now, I'm willing my hair to grow. Grow little hair, grow. LOL

Thank God I have fast-growing hair. ^^

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