Tuesday, October 4, 2011

managed a haircut without hyperventilating

I am well-known as always having my long hair, well, long. It's always been halfway down to my waist, or longer than that. Never shorter. I've been blessed with really thick, usually-wavy-sometimes-straight hair, and if I get it cut short, it goes poofy all of a sudden, especially with the weather here in the Philippines.

I started growing my hair long when I was in fifth grade; before that, I never had any say in how I want my hair to be. I grew up with my Aunt and Uncle (my Mom stayed in Manila to work, but that's a story for another day), and she preferred my hair short. How I hated it! I blessed the day when I was able to grow my hair the way I wanted to. That's part of the reason why I kept my hair long, another reason is that I think I look prettier with long hair, than with a short one.

I always need to give myself a pep talk whenever I get my hair trimmed. Cut away 2 inches or more, and I'd have mild panic attacks. And I just can't stand seeing my precious hair on the floor.

That's why my Mom was shocked to see me when I came home from the salon yesterday. I told her I was getting a haircut, and she expected me to do my usual trim. So I can imagine her surprise when she saw how short my hair was.

I had it cut to a semi-layer style, brushing just below my shoulders. Now, for some people that might already be considered long, but for me, that's just short. I never regretted getting it cut, though. My hair grows so fast, it'll be back to it's usual length before I know it!

Last May. We joined the locals for a Taebo session when we vacationed in Beijing =)
I had my hair trimmed when I got home.

Just last month, when Jen & I went to Cebu.

Shorter than usual. =)

My precious hair. =(

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