Sunday, October 2, 2011

high school never ends

My high school Alma Mater recently celebrated it's 90th founding anniversary, and alumni from all over came home to attend the celebration. So it's a given that some of my high school classmates, the ones who aren't here, all came home for a vacation.

We are a close batch, and we know almost all our school mates. In a school where every level only has one section, with 30-40 students per level, it's hard to keep your distance. And most of my classmates, we've been together since our Nursery/Kinder days, up until we've graduated high school. I've heard of schools where the sections range from 2 sections up to around 20 or so, but I've never experienced it. That's why when I went to college, I think I was a bit culture shocked over the number of students in our year.

This past week, I've been doing nothing but hanging out with my best buds in high school, having a lot of catching up to do. It's like we're compensating for the time we weren't together. I mean, it's really hard to get together when we've all got separate lives, what with work, school, and raising children. So we make do with whatever time we have, and make the most of it.

It's been fun, really fun. We ate out, hang at each other's houses, went on gimiks, watch DVDs, sang videoke, went wall-climbing, got drunk.

Yes, for the first time in my entire life, I got really drunk. I'm not much of a drunker. Usually, when I'm with friends, I just drink one bottle or one to two shots of whatever it is they're drinking (except beer; I can't stand the smell of beer). Enough to get them off my back for not drinking. But this time, OMG, I still can't believe we all got drunk in the middle of the afternoon. We were at my couz June's house, and we were doing videoke. Not good, I might add. Somehow when God gave out talents, we were sleeping or something, coz we never got them. That was also the day Pedring was wreaking havoc over Luzon, so.. =D

Anyway, my couz bought two bottles of The Bar, and although we keep telling her how strong it is, she kept saying it's OK. We told her to mix it with something, and while she mixed it with juice, it was still potent enough to scramble our brains, which is what happened.

Gos, we were so funny. Not that I remember much, the details are all fuzzy. I do remember Lei sprawled on the floor, June & I hacking each other's FB and laughing so hard I thought I'd stop breathing and die, and Shyn saying some thing and laughing with us. I remember belting out Like A Virgin, and Shyn singing sad love songs in tribute to her love life. I remember Lei singing Beer, and all of us singing along to the first line: "Nais kong magpakalasing.." I remember June choosing a song called Radio Ga Ga, and singing it but not really knowing the song, she ended up reading and rapping it, with the three of us clutching our tummies and laughing so hard.

It was a really crazy afternoon. We started drinking around 3, and around past 5 we were already bordering the thin line between tipsy and drunk.I don't even remember how we managed to go up the stairs to June's room that night. One minute we were singing downstairs, the next minute we were all up and lying down on her bed, fighting nausea and trying to make it to the bathroom to puke. Not our finest moment, for sure.

We laid in bed, and tried to sleep it off for a while. Then June did her nail art stuff, and gave us pretty nails. We then tried to shake off the lingering effects of our alcohol intoxication by talking about stuffs - love live, sex life, high school life, the future. Then Lei, Shyn and I went home around 11.

I've got the Panda nails =)

I woke up with a killer hangover the next day, and I told myself that would be the only time I'm ever gonna get drunk, but hey, I don't make promises I can't keep. My friend Jin is hell-bent on getting me drunk before I'm married, not that I'm getting married soon.

But despite all the nausea, the puking, the numbness, the hangover, I'd never trade that night for any other. ♥

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