Friday, October 7, 2011

kindle craze

Lately, Amazon released a bunch of new Kindles. Usually, whenever a newer version of whatever gadget I own is released, I'd develop this sudden need want for that newer version. I'd beat myself up for buying it a few months earlier, and lament the fact that my Mom wouldn't like it if I sell it to buy the newer one.

But for some reason, this time, I prefer my Kindle WiFi (called Kindle Keyboard now) to the new ones. I'd list my reasons, but for now, I want to introduce to you guys my pimped up Kindle. I bought a skin online, and it arrived today. At first I was kinda hesitant to put the skin myself, because I kept thinking about how I might mess it up, but it was surprisingly easy to apply. I also bought a cool, clip-on booklight called Kandle II.

Not my first choice, but this design is also nice.

Back view. I love the way the white flowers contrast with the red background =)

My Kandle II. Because I like reading in the middle of the night. =)
This is the design that I first chose, but it's out of stock.
I really wanted this one, but when I asked, they don't have this skin.
So I settled for their stocks.

Now, going back to the newly-released Kindles, there are 3 new ones available.

First, we have the Kindle WiFi 6". Among the three released, I like this one best. Not only is this smaller and lighter than my Kindle Keyboard, it's also cheaper. What I don't like, however, it that it has a smaller memory (only 2GB compared to my 4GB), and it has a shorter battery life. It has a virtual keyboard, but I prefer the actual keyboard because I arranged my books by collections, and it's easier to type using the actual keyboard than a virtual one.
Second, there's the Kindle Touch. As the name implies, this has a multi-touch function. Same battery life and same memory as my Kindle Keyboard, but I'm not much of a touchscreen person. I'm very much obsessive-compulsive, and I hate seeing fingerprints on any surface. Even with a screen protector, I'd be rubbing the screen with a cloth just to get read of telltale signs of fingerprints. So obviously, this one's so not for me.
And lastly, the one almost everyone wants: the Kindle Fire. It's colored, it's touchscreen, you can enjoy your magazines in full-color, you can watch movies, play games, listen to music, and browse the web. What's not to like? It can do all that, and you can read your favorite books, too! It's like this all-around tablet you can carry wherever you go. So what's the deal?
I compare it with the Kindle I own, and I was all like, my Kindle Keyboard's better than that. I mean, yes, the Fire has a lot of amazing features, but for me, it just messes with the fact that Kindles are supposed to be eBook readers. I prefer mine, because it's simple and fairly easy to use. And I chose a Kindle because I want to be able to read a book wherever and whenever I wanted to without having to lug around a number of paperbacks. If I wanted a tablet, I would have accepted my Mom's offer of a Galaxy Tab, instead of declining it and settling for a meager Kindle. Plus, of course, my Kindle has a longer battery life. Well, duh!

Anyway, to each his (or her, in my case) own. Although nothing beats the feel of reading an actual book, an eReader is actually nice to have. It's like a library one can carry all around. I never regretted getting a Kindle, and I wouldn't trade mine for anything else. ♥

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