Wednesday, October 14, 2009

72 days to go before Christmas :)

I'm so excited. I've been waiting for Christmas ever since it passed last year. (Yes, that's how weird I am.) So I spent 3 hours decorating our living room.

Granted, it's not much yet because I had to put up hooks along our wall to hold the garlands up, and that took a long time. I did all corners of our living room, but I ran out of plastic flowers so I have to drop by downtown to buy some more (I'm hoping we get dismissed earlier tomorrow). I also put up Christmas trees (yes, trees - 3 of them to be exact). My family is not keen on big tress - you know, the ones that go over 6 feet and have a diameter of at least 4 feet. Our living room doesn't have much space, so we never tried putting up big ones. I used to be jealous of my friends before.. I'd go to their houses and see these towering trees, and I'd think, "I want one like that.. Why don't we have on like that?" But then, I realized that it doesn't matter. Having a tree, big or small, is enough. But still. I felt deprived, so to compensate, I put up 3 trees this year. One for our living room, one for the dining area, and a small one (about 2 feet - I bought this one last year on impulse - hey, it was only 25 pesos!) for our store.

My theme this year is balls. Big balls, small balls. All balls. Our living room tree was covered with balls of all sizes and colors. Even the garlands adorning our living room have balls.. But my Mom made me put bells and angels on it.

I also played Christmas songs while decorating. Even sang at the top of my lungs.

On a different note, I baked macaroons this afternoon.

I love baking macaroons not only because they are so easy to make, but because they remind me of my childhood. Macaroons were the very first thing I baked, alone, way back when I was 10 (my love for cooking and baking started when I was, like, 7, and I discovered the fun of helping my Mom in the kitchen). I remember when I was about 12, my friend Kim would drop by our house and we'd make macaroons together. Feels like yesterday. Anyway, I added cheese to my macaroons. Just because. I placed cubes of cheese in them, just to try something new. And it turned out to be yummy. The salty cheese makes a nice contrast to the macaroon's sweet taste. :)

This has been a great day. Too bad I have review tomorrow. Oh well.


Cristina said...

Christmas in October? You must love Christmas! Your living room is coming along quite nicely. Hope you'll post more photos as you put up more decorations! :-)

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

Belle ♥ said...

thanks!! :)

Aileen said...

Yot, kaaga na ma nim magdecorate. HAHA. Excited much?

Fred said...

Those macaroons look delicious! I can smell them through the monitor...

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