Sunday, October 25, 2009


I had our Globelines phone disconnected last week. Meaning no more phone and DSL for me. I've been using my Globe Tattoo, but I ran out of funds for load so I had to lay low for a while. I'm planning on getting the plan, though.

So.. Updates on my past two days. I'll make this one short, since I have limited internet time.

October 23

Went out with J, then later met up with P and Is. Went to C's place (they celebrated Fiesta). D caught up with us after. Had lotsa fun eating, drinking, talking. J, C, Is and P shared a bottle of tequila. Me and D finished off 2 bottles of wine. I was so red in the face, which became purple a little later. Went home at around past 9 PM. Couldn't stay late, since I had review at 7 the following morning.

October 24

Had review the whole day. Jo, Ja, P, Is and I went to C's for lunch. Ditched my afternoon review, spent the whole time at C's place. Hahaha Then Je came. Played cards, played with Gabby (C's doggy), sang songs. That night, we talked about paranormal stuffs, auras and astral drops. Haha Went home at about 10 or so, Jo and Je came by my place first, since Je borrowed some books.

October 25

That's today! Lol I'm absent from review, though. I'm having one of my worse cramps ever. I get cramps every time, but from time to time there'll be months when it becomes too much to bear. This is one of those times. Analgesics don't work, too. And our pharmacy is out of Buscopan. Sigh.

That'll be all for now. I hope I can get that plan soon. I'm bored to hell without net.

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Deidre said...

This isn't related to this post - I came here via 20sb - but seriously, how cute is Mark Ruffalo? People shouldn't be allowed to be that adorable!

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