Saturday, October 10, 2009

on boring lectures, ditching classes, and horror movies.

It's our Psych review today. Our reviewer makes Psych sound so boring. God.

My friends and I ditched review yesterday afternoon. Actually, I wasn't going to join them, but they made me. Talk about peer pressure. Sheeesh. LOL. They made me watch The Grudge 3. It's 3, right? Of all the movies, they chose the one that's horror. And to think they all know that I only watch horror movies once a year (or preferably not at all) and I already used up my quota with Drag Me To Hell. I admit, it wasn't that much of a horror movie, but still. Cha paid for it, she even carried my things. Said she was my slave, and that I am her master for a day. Haha!

To those who wondered, I'm not afraid of the movie itself. It's the nightmares that plague me afterward that make me think twice about watching.

Ok, back to yesterday. I was in the movie house, but my attention was focused on the e-book I was reading - Dan' Brown's The Lost Symbol. I was also listening to music through my phone - to drown out the creepy horror music and the shouts of people around me. Turns out I never really needed the headphones. The book was so good, I totally zoned out. Whenever I'm reading something good, I detach from my environment. It's just me and my book. Or e-book. Whatever. So Cha just wasted 80 pesos in an attempt to make me watch a horror movie. Haha!

After the movie, I came home. I had this massive headache that won't leave me alone. I suspect migraine, but I couldn't be sure. And just today, I learned from our lecture that compulsive people have a higher tendency to develop headaches and migraines. So me.

Oh well. Another boring day tomorrow.

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