Monday, October 19, 2009

is it just me..

..or does Globeline's DSL really suck right now?

My parents are wasting money paying for our monthly telephone+DSL bill when I can't even connect to the internet even if our DSL's running. I had to use the Globe Tattoo I usually use when I'm out. It sucks coz I had to load, and considering my currently tight budget, this does not seat well with me. And at 3.6 mbps, I find it a bit slow compared to the 100 mbps I'm getting from our DSL.

It's a good thing I don't have review tomorrow, because I am going to Globelines and harass whoever is in charge.

On a different note, Who's Line Is It Anyway? never fails to make me laugh. :) I feel better already.

I had a great day today. C dropped by this morning (she thought our review was 8 AM, when in fact it was 1 PM). she didn't want to go home, so she came instead. And continued her sleep here. But then, that's just how we are. We watched The Proposal (it's the 4th time I've watched this movie, and it never fails to make me laugh - I love the ). We played with my dogs. Ate hash browns. Then we went to school to take several exams we missed (that's from being absent so often.. LOL)

Went to Robi after. Saw H. I missed him. It's been so long since we hang out (of course, that's because most of the gang's not here - A's in Manila, and J and K are in Cebu).

C and I played at Tom's World. I got a SpongeBob stuffed toy. First time I won something from.. Uh, I don't know what it's called. That game where you insert a token and move that claw thingy, try to grab a toy and drop it into the chute so you can get it. Whatever. I'm not a fan of SpongeBob, but I was just so happy I got something that I didn't care.

I think I'll just end my blog here. My internet connection is so sucky I have a feeling that if I take more time to make my blog longer and post it a little bit later, then I wouldn't be able to post it at all. I'm also updating my Tumblr site, and it irks me that my tumblarity went down.. Again. Ugh.

So.. Toodles. :)

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