Monday, October 12, 2009

in my happy places ♥

I have three happy places. Number one's my room, it's like my private sanctuary. Number two is any bookstore (i.e., National Bookstore, Powerbooks, Book Sale, Fully Booked). A self-confessed bookworm, I'm at my happiest when I'm surrounded by books, even if I could not afford to buy them all. The last is our kitchen. Cooking is my stress reliever, so I cook whenever I can.

I needed an outlet for my pent-up anger so I decided that cooking is the easiest way to do it. I didn't actually cook, since we had leftovers from lunch. I just made fruit salad. And come tomorrow, I'll be baking macaroons. Yum.

We're done with our Psych review (a big thank God, sigh on that one). For someone who's supposed to be an expert in Psych nursing, she is so very NOT therapeutic. I mean, come on. Is it therapeutic to tell your students to "Shut up!"? I mean, she can ask nicely. She can tell us to "please be quiet coz we're rationalizing our answers" and we'll definitely be quiet. Because we are all educated, civilized people who don't need to be told twice.

And her teaching skills suck. Really suck. I mean, she kept forgetting some topic and inserts it somewhere in between another topic whenever she remembers it. Which may not be a bother to other people, but for an obsessive-compulsive freak like me, it's a big problem. I follow a system when I take down notes, and it irks me so much when I can't follow it. Here's an idea Mrs. M: if you're so scatterbrained that you can't get your lectures straight, why not use a Powerpoint?

To make my day worse, they dismissed us at 5:30 PM, which made me late for mass. I arrived at Sacred Heart Parish in time for the homily. I could've gone to Sto. Niño Church, but I find it hard to concentrate there as it is always full of people.

I was so pissed off I decided to have a movie marathon by myself. I have this pile of unwatched DVDs (I kept buying them, but I refrain from watching because of my review) and I started watching them last week during a brief break (in between Med-Surg and Psych). I wasn't able to finish them all, so I continued watching them last night, right after I came home from mass. I watched I Love You, Beth Cooper and The Proposal (I already watched this in the cinema, but it was so hilarious and romantic that I couldn't resist watching it again). And just last week I watched The Ugly Truth (love Gerard Butler!♥), Transformers 1 & 2 (again, I already watched this in the cinema.. Shia and Megan are both hot! LOL), Race to Witch Mountain (The Rock!♥), and GI Joe (watched it for the second time because I am so in love with Channing, and I have this crush on the Baroness. LOL). Uh.. Just to clarify things, I am not gay. LOL I like boys, but I occasionally do admire a beautiful woman. Hahaha

I'm not yet a hundred percent happy, but staying in my happy places helped. And to end my day beautifully, I am availing myself of Tradeport's Fan Sale. I'm such a sucker for books and discounts, and when you combined the two together, I'm a goner. I kept adding things to my cart. I might just have to borrow money from my Mom to pay for all of them. Sheesh.


mylittlebecky said...

i totally need to see the proposal!

Belle ♥ said...

thanks for following. :)

watch it! it's funny :)

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