Tuesday, October 13, 2009

on spending way too much.

I ordered 9 books from Tradeport. As of now, they're still processing my order. I do hope they're all available. It's a whopping 4026.40 pesos (inclusive of shipping). I have to borrow some money from my Mom as I don't have that much money on hand right now (I used up all my allowance buying Alpo dog foods, as my newest puppy won't eat anything else). I need to prepare myself for a lot of begging and groveling; I have a feeling my Mom won't give in that easily, especially since I don't pay her back whenever I borrow moolah from her. Maybe I'll just use her credit card, then I can tell her after I've used it. Hmmmmm.

I went to my dentist this morning. I thought I needed to have a cavity filled (I had it done last summer, but I thought it fell out). Turns out, it was a false alarm after all.

I decided to walk (I like walking, it relaxes me), and on my way home I passed by Montejo. I went in, and stepped out carrying a small package. Seems like I couldn't go in a store without buying anything. Spent 545 pesos in one go. I bought the latest Cosmopolitan, Yummy and Food issues. Also bought Summit Book's My Imaginary Ex, and Yummy's Chicken Recipe Cards. I stopped collecting magazines a long time ago. The only magazines I buy are Cosmo, Yummy and Food.

I told myself I'll start saving for our Davao trip this December (Cha and I opted to take the NMAT there), but I just couldn't resist spending every now and then. So sue me.

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