Wednesday, December 8, 2010

he's just the sweetest ♥

Months ago, I hinted at told my guy that I wanted this Harry Potter charm bracelet for Christmas or my birthday (it was on my wishlist). He figured that it'll be hard to look for a store selling one like it, so he started his searched online. He found one in eBay, I think, but he wasn't inclined to buy it since it was an international listing. I was disappointed, but still I kept badgering him about it.

Any way, as weeks months passed, we both kinda forgot about it, until last Sunday, when I made my wishlist, and when my birthday finally came yesterday. I was texting with him, jokingly asking him if he got me my HP bracelet, but he just flat-out told me that he didn't. It was kinda disappointing, but seeing as how I never really expect gifts during my birthday (what sucks about having December as a birth month is that my birthday gifts are always mixed with my Christmas gifts, so I get one instead of two, boo), I never really minded. Then he told me he picked out something for me, just a teeny-tiny thing, but it sure did put a smile on my face.

Last night, he dropped by our house, and he gave me this small box. As is my habit, I started shaking the box to hear what's supposed to be inside, but strangely I couldn't hear anything. And imagine my surprise when I opened it and found out that there's absolutely nothing inside!

The empty box he handed me. =P

I was groaning from disappointment and was about to give him the verbal lashing I felt he deserved, when I noticed him grinning as he pulled something out from his pocket. I was squealing with glee when he handed me a charm bracelet. Mind you, the book covers weren't as clear as the one I saw on the internet, as mine has this brownish hue (from the varnish, maybe), but I didn't care. I never had plans on wearing them, I just wanted one for myself as a keepsake - sort of like a tribute to the years of adventures with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the others; and for the times when I would mark my calender for the release of the next HP book and/or movie.

For some reason, no matter how many times I tried rotating the picture, it comes out as this.
It's dark, and brownish, and the words aren't all that clear,
but it doesn't matter since the person who gave it to me is special.
And yeah, it's a cliche, but it's always the thought that counts. ♥

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