Saturday, December 4, 2010

we say no to child violence

Facebook has been overrun by cartoons, it turned from the Social Network to being the Cartoon Network. It's all due to the circulating campaign against child violence. I must say, it's really nice that a lot of people are taking part in this, it's not much, but sometimes a little thing goes a long way.

The campaign ^^

See? Almost all my friends changed their profile pictures.
There's more like this on my news feed.

Now, as for my profile picture, I decided on Princess Belle, more commonly known as Beauty from the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. She's always been my favorite Disney princess, and not just from the fact that we both shared the same name. Ok fine, so the name played a big role when I was younger, coz I thought that if I do become a princess, then I won't have to change my name. Stupid logic, I know, but tell it to my 6-year old self.

My profile picture. Isn't she just pretty? =)

She's my favorite because according to Wikipedia, She's a lovely free-thinker who likes to read and go on adventures within her own imagination. She is not shy and is not afraid to speak her mind, especially in tight situations, though she can be slightly hesitant when nervous. She is very compassionate and takes care of those in need. She can be stubborn and always tries to protect people she truly loves. She's also very patient towards others.

A true dreamer and a lover of fantasy and adventure, Belle is a shrewd nonconformist for her time in many ways. The most pronounced is her love of books, excitement and knowledge, which the townspeople find odd for a woman. Gaston says to her at one point, "It's not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting ideas and...thinking...". Belle also does not care about appearances, whether they pertain to herself or anyone else. This is highly ironic, considering she is seen as the most beautiful woman in her village. In the song Belle, a woman sings, "It's no wonder than her name means beauty. Her looks have got no parallel."

So I may not be all those things, but I do love to read and travel with my imagination. I am most definitely mot shy, but I do try to keep my opinions to myself, although there are times when I just blurt them out. I'm stubborn to a point, but I'm sadly lacking n patience.

And just to prove my belief that we are alike, I took this quiz and guess what the result is? ♥
According to the answers you have just chosen you are most like the Disney Princess Belle.

Belle is as lovely as her name implies but her natural unaffected beauty is far more than skin deep. An intelligent and avid reader Belle yearns for faraway places and exciting adventures. She is a loyal, loving daughter and when the beast finally wins her trust she gives him all her kindness and patience and then realizes she has also given him her heart. With her inner strength and outward beauty, Belle is a young woman who can and does make things happen.
I took another one -
You are part Belle.
You are strong, deep, and you are not a slave to petty superficial things. You are independent and allow yourself to see inner beauty without sacrificing your values. You are almost too good of a person.

You are part Cinderella.
You are hard-working and never complain, however, your trust is sometimes misplaced and people sometimes take advantage of you. Still, you are beautiful inside and out, and one day you will realize it and find true love.
I'm no Cinderella fan, but I guess I can share.

And another one -
Warm, kind and caring, you always bring out the best in others, but tend to keep to yourself and a few close friends who you love dearly. You love books and dream of fairytale adventures. You know that beauty lies within and don't depend on looks alone. You think it's good to be individual and different to others, but don't go out of your way to be rebellious - you just naturally stand out. You're a strong person, but also ladylike and intelligent. You look forward to change. You'd definitely break the Beast's spell.
See? See?

I have a bookshelf full of books, too!

Aside from Belle, I also considered a few other possibilities for my profile picture. They are:

Little Lulu. I always watched this before. =)

Boo Boo Bear. ♥

Well, I mostly liked Scrappy Doo, but I just included the whole gang.

Little Foot and Cera from The Land Before Time.
My cousin's husband owned a video store before, and he'd let me borrow VHS's for free.
I watched all 13 TLBT movies (it's 13, right?) and I cried when Little Foot's mom died =(

The Addams Family. I like Cousin It, but I can't find a decent picture of him.

And lastly, Candace from Phineas and Ferb. She's so funny when she's trying to bust her brothers,
and I love it when she's making googly eyes at Jeremy. ♥

I tried looking for the Teddy Bear from Timeless Tales (anybody know about this?), but I couldn't find any. =(

So what about you guys? Reminisce, and share your childhood memories of your fave cartoons! =)

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