Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas shopping ^^

I love the Christmas season because it gives me a legitimate reason to shop. =)

Mom got me another pair of skinny jeans, so I now have four.
I'm a recent skinny jeans convert - I never liked them before.
But I like them now, coz it ends at my ankle, so when it rains, and I accidentally step on a puddles, my pants don't get wet. =)

I saw this on sale when I passed by Bum, they were half the price, so I got 3 shirt for myself.
I love Bum shirts =)

The Tom and Jerry tumbler is for my BF, since he is an avid T&J fan.
He's 22, and he still watches T&J. Kinda like me. =)
The Dora tumbler is for my little inaanak/niece Stephie.

Barbie backpack also for Stephie.
She loves Dora, Barbie,Disney's Princesses, and pink.
(For some reason, even after I rotated the pic, it goes back the same way when uploaded.)

Statement tees from Fun Tee for my nephews =)

And, last but not the least, kid's clothes for my inaanak/nephew Yance
and my dear friend Shyn's baby Alleena

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