Sunday, December 5, 2010

wishlish 2011

It's time for my Christmas wishlist! This one's shorter than last year, but I do accept more. And I never got all my wishes for last year, so I made a page for my wishlist. I'll keep adding more, but hopefully I'll be able to cross a few out. =)

Harry Potter Charm Bracelet. Which self-confessed HP Addict can resist that?

500 GB (or maybe 1 TB) External Hard Drive. I need more memory for my movies and series.

3-Tier Steamer (I'd like a Black and Decker, but I'd go for any brand).

DiCAPac for my Canon Ixus 100. I love swimming, and I love taking pictures, so this is perfect for me.
And it's much cheaper than buying an underwater camera, since I already have my own cam.

Bellatrix Lestrange T-shirt. She is my Ultimate Favorite Death Eater.

The Amazon Kindle 3. Perfect for a book-lover like me. =)


rosey said...

waaah! i want that bracelet too!

// krissy ♥ said...

Sweeeet! San nabibili yang bracelet Belle? :)

Belle ♥ said...

rosey, i know! cute noh? =)

krissy, ewan ko. nakita ko lang yan sa tumblr eh. i've been badgering lex to buy me one, pero wala sya mahanap na local. international lang, sa ebay ata. =(

Kate Evangelista said...

You would like to be a part of my Blogger Interview series? I would really like to feature your blog. :-)

Belle ♥ said...

sure kate, i'd love too =)

ladaisi said...

What a cute bracelet!

I love your "about me" bit. I think we have a lot in common, from the bookworm narcissist talks-to-self thing, to the always hungry but maintains 25 inch waistline thing.

Nice to meet you!

Oh, I guess I should mention I came across your blog via BookBlogs.

- Lauren

Belle ♥ said...

hey lauren! nice to know i'm not the only one like that =)

thanks for droppin by my blog! nice to meet you, too! =)

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