Tuesday, December 7, 2010

twenty-two blues

I turned 19 20 21 22 today. Somehow, I don't feel any different from when I turned 19. I'm still the same old me, albeit older and, hopefully, wiser.

I stopped celebrating my birthdays a long time ago. My parents used to throw parties every year when I was younger - a typical children's party with food, cakes, sweets, party hats, balloons, games and everything. Complete with a party bag for the visitors, especially the kids, to take home after. Sure they were so much fun, but as I grew older, I find that I preferred intimate gatherings with just close family and friends more.

Ever since I hit the twenty mark, I stop looking forward to my birthdays, because it just reminds me that I get younger older each year. But my dear friends always remembered (so sweet of them), so, I'm always stuck replying thank you's to them. It's not an awful task, though, no matter how much I complain. I love reading their birthday greetings, and I feel so blessed to have friends who always remembered my special day.

As of 9:11 AM today, my friend Philip sent the best greeting I ever received - "Ei Bels.. Happy 17th birthday! Can't wait for next year when you hit Sweet 16." It's just that - short, simple, and a joke, really. But it made me laugh so hard, I just loved it! ♥

This isn't gonna be the stress-free day that my friend Shyn wished for me, though, as I have an appointment with my OB later. Boo.

But it's only for the morning, so.. I' gonna enjoy the rest of my day! =)

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